Monday, December 5, 2011


Looking for incredible curls without the eyelash curler?Maybelline's Hypercurl Mascara promises
  • 3x the Volume instantly
  • 75 degree curl-Keeps curls for 18 hours
  • Waterproof /water washable variants
So does it deliver? Read on to find out more

The chubby black tube an chrome finish cap and the boldly emblazoned product name, instantly looks eye catching.The ingredient list comes printed on the plastic wrapper covering,with white print on transparent plastic,good luck trying to read the tiny font size.

The wand of Maybellier Hypercurl mascara is curved unlike the regular straight mascara wan,and this gives the lashes a curling effect
The texture of the product is slightly thicker than my other mascaras I have and this one gives a pretty clear lift and curl to my otherwise poker straight lashes.Now I didn't really measure whether my eyelashes were curled by 75 degree or 60 degrees?My guess is the curling is closer to 55 degrees (run off to find my Geometry box,LOL!!) :D
Though the slightly thicker texture means clumping of lashes (though the Clumpy lash look is in vogue this season!) The water proof variant that I picked stays put for 10 hours on my lashes and I had to spend good deal of time & remover to get it off.
So while I'm not 100% sure about Maybelline's claim of 18 hours of wear time, this one is surely very long lasting

Before-My lashes at thier droopy best, without any mascara on

After 2 coats of Hypercurl-I didn't use eye lash curler to give you an idea, how the mascara performs on its own.If you use a eyelash curler definitely the thicker texture of mascara ensures your curls stay intact for much longer than regular mascara.
(Sorry about the smudges, that was my doing, not really the mascara's fault!)

 9.2ml of this mascara costs INR 175/- that's an amazing 'Bang-for-your-buck'

Overall thoughts- For the price, its a great mascara,especially if you are looking for everyday use.Though I'm a tiny bit partial towards Colossal Mascara for the super dramatic lashes.But I'd repurchase this again.

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  1. New GFC Follower - Naddez. (please follow my back) Thanks! :)

  2. I have the yellow one both in water proof and non water proof. They are quite nice for the price they come in for. Try using Almond Oil for removing eye make up. It takes off the most stubborn mascaras with an ease without damaging the lashes and it conditions the lashes to help promote lash growth ^_^.

    I really want to try this one but there's so many other mascaras in the market for me to try too. Great review :).

  3. Thanks for the review...Maybelline products are worth the buck most of the times!

  4. I have this one. It doesn't curl that much or hold a curl long enough for me, but it sure is a very good everyday mascara.Great review

  5. Super cool..but I really love the Colossal Volume one so much..Maybe I will get this if I get bored of tat :P

  6. I hate the difficult-to-remove part!

    it sure is worth the money!

    btw I posted about what i got in my Inglot haul!

    All thanks to ur inspiring posts! :D

  7. Naddez- thanks for visiting my blog, will surely check out yours & follow :)

  8. Crazypoplock-Oh yes I love sweet almond oil, it such a great lash conditioner, have run out of my bottle,will have to buy some more

    Pooja_G true in the mass market segment noone does it better that Maybelline

  9. Ammu- yah for very straight lashes I'd say one needs to use a lash curler, but it works for everyday..
    Parul-I totally dig Colossal its amazing!

    Viva- Oh yes I saw your haul! I'm drooling now ;D

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