Saturday, December 3, 2011


“Winter, Winter, everywhere, & everyone's skin did shrink; Winter, Winter, everywhere, Nor any time to blink.” Ok that was a bad one of the famous poem (remember, “Water, water, every where….”), but it is true that winters are almost everywhere now (everywhere around me :P). 

So, what we need most badly in winters….. OK for me first thing is sleep. Winters sleep is the best but with year end approaching there are deadlines to be met. Result? Extended working hours, no leaves and even work on weekend. Now who will get their beloved winter sleep in such situation? 
Anyways another most important thing for winters is the moisturizer or body lotion. This thing becomes a bare essential in winters for even the oily skinned people. For the records, I have dry skin so body lotion for winters is very sensitive issue for me :rolling eyes:.
 I was searching the shelves of body lotion in the store and found one Biotique Winter cherry body lotion which claims “A nourishing lotion, made of natural oil and plant extracts. It nourishes dry and dehydrated skin leaving it soft and youthful. Removes skin infections and blemishes”. So I gave it a try, who knows may be this could be a winner. To find out, read on…

The lotion is very affordable,its available in many sizes but one I have is 210 mL priced at 180 Rs.The lotion contains pure winter cherry, sunflower, safflower, musk root and almond oil and being herbal there is always a sense of safety. I can try as many herbal products as I want without worrying much about the side effects.

The company claims-

"Biotique ingredients are 100% vegetarian, environmentally friendly, biodegradable, dermatologist tested for safety, and are made to EEC and FDA standards, incorporating the principles of preventive medicine for everyday use."

This lotion is slightly pink in color and the ingredients are

"Surajmukhi tail (Helianthus annuus oil), Kusumbhi tail (Carthamus tinctorious oil), Sarsoan tail (Brassica nigra  oil), Badam tail (Prunus amygdalus oil), Jatamansi (Nardostachys jatamansi), Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera), Lotion base Q.S."

As expected, it is very moisturizing. I think it can beat more than 75% of the body lotion of similar price available in the market in moisturizing category. My skin absorbs it very quickly and it doesn’t sit as oil on the surface.
So far so good, it fulfills all the expectations one has from a body lotion. But, but, but… one thing that annoys me most is that it is a battle to make it come out of the bottle. Every morning while getting ready, it is a task for me to take this lotion out. The bottle is so hard that you just cannot squeeze to the get the product and hence you end up patting the bottle on you palm for ages. Seriously, irritates me to death.

So now I have transferred it to the empty bottle of ponds body lotion. Second thing is its smell, this thing smells like shaving foam that my brother uses. Yes, exactly like it. But then again it is very mild and that too doesn’t linger for long hence not a concern for me even though I have sensitive nose.

In the end I would say I love for its moisturizing effects and hate it for the pack (Biotique people! Are you listening?) but I really cant comment on removing skin infection ability 'coz I don’t have any. So ladies decide for yourself. As far as I am concern I am satisfied with the product.

About the Guest Blogger-
Meenu lives in NCR with her family & works full time in a Pharma MNC.Her Makeup Eureka moment happened 2 years ago & now makeup is a full fledged passion for her.She loves fantasy movies and of course chick flicks.Her heart is set on hunky Salman Khan and Hugh Grant. She loves spending time with my family & friends and shopping whenever she gets time.

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  1. I love this product...and the best part is that it helps remove tan and blemishes too!!!

  2. very nicely written, amazing



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