Thursday, December 8, 2011


If  you are a makeup addict & an eyeshadow fiend you'd know how difficult it is to find respectable eyeshadow blending brush in India without breaking your piggy bank. Now I know MAC 217 is the Holy grail of blending brushes but my last meeting with Mr. 217 was a bit underwhelming and I wasn't so convinced about spending a fortune on it yet (I might at some point in future, but not right now).

So I was very glad when I found The Body Shop eyeshadow Blender brush. I checked 3 TBS outlets and at last it was in stock in the 3rd store.Before you think I'm saying this is MAC 217, hold on, It is not, not  by any stretch of imagination. But this a great Blender brush for beginner to Intermediate level users before one invests in more expensive brushes.

First thing that truly appealed to me is the shape of the handle, The brush has a firm tapering black handle & it can stand on its own.The handle shape offer perfect grip while blending.

Second attraction in this brush was the ferrule, unlike some cheaper brushes I have used in the past ,the metallic ferrule is very firmly fixed on the brush handle. Most of my brushes break away from this part, so it was critical for me that the brush ferrule holds up well

Last & the most important part of the brush was the bristles. This one has soft synthetic bristles which allow sufficient control while blending.The fluffy shape makes blending harsh lines/transition colors on the lids very easy.

The brush comes in a simple plastic wrapper packaging without a brush guard & it cost INR 495/-

The brush is flattened blending brush, the flattened bristles allow you to apply a wash of color all over your lid.

The bristles are densely packed and are soft and flexible, it offer some resistance when you press the bristles, its great for gently blending away dark shades, blending the crease and highlight area.
Though the bigger brush head means, it might not suit smaller eye shapes & hooded lids very well.Also if you want to do super dramatic looks then you would need smaller tapered blending brush as this will be much to big for the purpose.
I've given it 3 washes so far, it hasn't shed at all nor has its bristles frayed.

Overall Thoughts-If you want good quality brushes and in medium price range then do give this a whirl. It is my go to brush for my blending needs and its quality is top notch.I'd highly recommend.

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  1. The first line you have written is very true! I dont have a blending brush and i ask eevryone to suggest some cheaper one! I have seen recently one in vega professional range, will try that then body shop one!

  2. Manya-I know what you mean, its such a pain to find good blending brush. I had used Vega's regular brushes,haven't yet tried the professional brushes,heard some positive reviews about them,but even those are reasonably pricey..I'm in fact planning to order some from Coastal scents around Christmas time..lets see if they come up with some good offers..

  3. I use a mac blender brush and one from target. haha.

    Check out my MAC GIVEAWAY! and enter.

  4. Great review! I've been trying out the e.l.f blending brush which is okay for beginners too. I have the Body Shop foundation brush which works really well for me. x

  5. totally agree that we dont get good quality eye brushes here. vega has only a couple of eye brushes and there is no blending brush :P may be they think blending is not imp! will give this a shot!

  6. Have you tried Sigma brushes? For the longest time I avoided them because I felt like they just gave out a bunch of free brushes to youtube gurus and they only raved about them because they were free. Then I won a Sigma $25 gift card and bought some. They're awesome, and they have a good dupe for the Mac 217 (Its the Sigma E25 Blending Brush) They also ship internationally =)

  7. Summer Raye-Yes MAC 217 is definitely a long term investment, but if one from Target works for you, Lucky U :)

    Simderella-Thanks, glad you liked the review.In face I've been eying the TBS foundation brush. I love the sturdy handle of TBS brushes

  8. Vanity- Yes its so surprising, I even bought a huge makeup brush set off ebay last year and they gave me a dozen eyeshadow brushes,but not 1 single blending brush!! By the way do draw up your Coastal scent wish list, I think even I'll check out some of their brushes



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