Monday, December 12, 2011


So what do Avatar, Chota Chetan & Bourjois Effet lipglosses have in common??

Well all three promise to immerse us in the world of 3D!! 

Now I knew movies & TVs turning 3D was sort of technical feat, but I somehow thought (in all my innocence) that my lips were already 3 dimensional. 
But Nopes! Guess I was wrong ! 
Your lips can't turn 3D unless you don some Parisienne chic lip gloss which brands you Bourjois (literally Middle class) dripping with materialism & hedonism!
Now that's a lot of responsibility resting on the slender shoulder of a dainty little lip gloss. So does it measure up ?Lets find out.

The gloss's packaging,like all the other Bourjois products is tre`s chic. The gloss tube starts as a square at the base and is rounded in the middle,the tube is topped with a tapered cap with shade number and swatch mentioned at the top of cap.The tube looks distinctive and high end.

Check out the shimmery gold & silver reflects in the lipgloss.The glitter is very fine and doesn't feel gritty on the lips.
 The applicator wand is quite long but the applicator brush is dis-proportionately short.
The applicator bristles are incredibly soft and the smooth texture of the gloss allows it to glide smoothly on the lips. The short bristles mean one single swipe doesn't get enough product out to cover the lips and you'd need to dip the brush in tube 2-3 times to get sufficient product.

The gloss is smooth and non-sticky. Has faint sweet tender coconut- faint vanillaesuqe fragrance and is devoid of flavor.
The shade is a gorgeous berry toned soft brown with gold glitter,the texture of the gloss is very sheer and it leaves just a hint of color and subtle glitter on the lips.
  • Promises volume & shine-The high gloss makes the lip appear slightly fuller
  • 8 hours hydration moisture-It didn't last more than 2 hours on me.
  • Waterproof & SPF 15
  • 5.7 ml for INR 550/-
  • Available at Lifestyle, Westside stores and online at
Here is the gloss applied on my lips, it didn't do much to cover the pigmentation on my lips and the shade is too sheer, but I like the subtle hint of color and shimmer on my lips.

Overall Thoughts- Its a great gloss to layer over lipsticks, the light texture and high shimmer promise to enliven any lipstick.Though on its own its very sheer & subtle for duskier skin tones,I feel the shade would look more vibrant on fairer skin tones.
C'est tout ce que j'aime(I'm loving it!) & I might check out some more shades from this range.

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  1. Wow... Glittering wonderful shade :)

  2. the glitter is too much...but like the shade :)

  3. I love bourjois lip glosses, but find them a tad overpriced :P

  4. Lancy-Oh yes its nice & glittery,but not OTT glitter

    Nivedita- :)

    Vanity-Actually the glitter is very subtle,infact its barely noticeable on lips, I took real close up pics so you guys could see the glitter

    Tanveer-My sentiments exactly,plus they have so many glosses with similar names, its pretty confusing. I had a shade called Brun Eticellent,it was gorgeous, in fact I liked it better that this one.
    Bourjois needs to re-work their gloss pricing,the competition is stiff with Maybelline colorsensational glosses and CB glosses in the picture

  5. Very nice shade!! ♥ the lip gloss :D

  6. Gauri-Thanks :) its nice & subtle gloss I ♥ it too!



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