Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Want fun vibrant loose eyeshadows on a budget, then read on to find out more about Faces sparkle dust eyeshadows in Topseller.

> These highly concentrated, shimmery loose color pigments come in an interesting row of small jars stacked over one another.
> Use the colors individually to dress up your eyes or mix them up to create shimmery, sultry looks.

> Mix with an eye primer to achieve a dramatic look that will make heads turn.

> The versatility of the product allows it to be used alone as a highlighter or mixed with your favorite nail polish to create many new shades.

Does it remind you of Leaning Tower of Pisa? ;D

The packaging is distinct & fun, it stacks 8 shadows one on top of another like Lego blocks and is easy to travel with.That being said, its tricky business opening and closing these shadows screw tops.One false move & there is a very high chance of spilling the products all over. 

The stack contains total 11.2 grams of eyeshadow the ingredient list is in microscopic font & printed on plastic wrapper on the stack,which I was unable to read.

The texture is finely milled, but its not exactly buttery smooth like some loose eyeshadow I bought from Glamor Doll Eyes.The light mauve eyeshadow is particularly gritty and has poor pigmentation. The bronzey- copper shade has the smoothest texture of the lot and it would be great for a lot of traditional bridal looks.

All the shades are incredibly shimmery and have silver reflects. All of them resolutely refused to get photographed, the shades are more vivid in real life that it appears on the swatches.
These shadows are very shimmery & reflective,so these would be great for party/wedding function related makeup. Definitely not for everyday looks.

Swatched on bare NC 45 skin
Left to right-Iridescent white,purple,mauve,pink,blue,green,bronze-copper,pearl whitish silver

The white shadow with purplish blue iridescence is an amazing shade, it looks regular shimmery white in jar
but when swatched you can see the bright iridescence.Now for some fun with the shadow. I swiped Maybelline Eye studio gel liner and applied 2 swipes of this shadow on top and voila` magic! 
The black background intensfied the irridescne and the white shadow transformed into a vivid blue shimmery shadow.
Now that's the kind of makeup alchemy I like! This color can be perfect for those wild nights of partying!!

Priced at INR 699/- for 8 shades, its available at for only INR 594/-

Overall Thoughts- If you are looking for some fun bright loose eye shadows at super pocket friendly prices,this is definitely for you.It will add the perfect zing to any party makeup.
Its not a must-buy but definitely a fun addition to your eyeshadow collection. I'd recommend

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  1. loved ur many shades can be !

  2. Woww these look really good ! I didnt order because I have butter fingers :p and there was high risk that the shadow may spill and all! So I ordered separately two shades teal and gold! I want to try forest green too!

  3. great shades and what you did with black and blue is awesome! but these are way too shimmery for my taste but great for anyone who loves to experiment with vibrant and bright colors!

  4. these look great!!! especially on the base ;) Great buy :)

  5. i have these stacks.they are really nice and a great addition

  6. lovely shades....I like this kind of alchemy :P

  7. I have been eyeing these for a long time. But since I am overloaded with shimmery shadows which I dont wear frequently, I am waiting for a few to be finished before I get these

  8. looking at them from a quite a while! Not sure if i wanna buy these! Such pretty colors!

  9. I love Faces stackables and have one called Earth which has all neutral brown shades. The colors look great in this stackable and you are right they are perfect for party makeup. I loved the blue on the black gel liner though.

  10. Oooh! So glittery and festive! :D
    Also, the NYX golden cream blush isn't that shimmery. Natural dewy glow on the cheeks :)

  11. These look damn good actually!

    However - i don't think I would wear them all that much! (Most of my Eyeshadows agree! :P)

  12. festive is the word! you can open a shop you know!

  13. i was searching for a review on this...will surely buy someday
    awesome post !:)



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