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Gain the secret of youthful skin with the New Vichy LiftActiv Derm Source

Mumbai, December 9, 2011: Vichy Laboratories gives you the LIFTACTIVE DERM SOURCE, the anti-aging revolution,  infused with Rhamnose, a plant sugar extracted known for its soothing properties to gives you results that not only erase the signs of aging, but lets the skin irradiates youth.

After 10 years of research, Vichy Laboratories have revolutionized the knowledge of anti-ageing by discovering the central role of the Derm Source. The Derm Source is the layer of the skin which is capable of irradiating youth everywhere in the skin, by creating and distributing Youth Molecules. Over time as the layer degenerates, the skin loses its radiance. With the VICHY LIFTACTIV DERM SOURCE, your skin is rejuvenated at the source, as Rhamnose targets the Derm Source directly to re-activate the Derm Source helping your skin radiate youth throughout.
After screening more than 50 anti-aging molecules, Vichy laboratories identified very highly concentrated Rhamnose (5%) as the most powerful agent capable of specifically targeting the Derm Source and reactivating its activity thereby rejuvenating the skin at its source.
With the new LIFTACTIV DERM SOURCE, Vichy delivers a new dimension of performance, giving you fully transformed skin; replenished, velvety smooth and luminous. So push back the limits of anti-aging care, with reinforced anti-wrinkle and firming efficacy for a long-lasting lifting effect. Experience upto 20% reduction in all leading areas affected by wrinkles, and your skin is filled with deep down firmness, leaving you with soft, supple and perfectly moisturized skin.
Vichy concentrates Rhamnose at 5% active dosage in all products part of its new LIFTACTIV range.

Lift Activ Night for Rs.1590
Lift Activ -Dry To Very Dry Skin for Rs. 1490
Lift Activ -Normal To Combination Skin for Rs. 1490


·         At select pharmacies in all major cities.
·         Orders can also be placed online (No delivery charges). 
·       To place orders or to locate the nearest Vichy store log on to:

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Vichy Laboratoires provides DERMOCOSMETIC products available only in select pharmacies worldwide. VICHY products offer unique hypoallergenic formulations combining the exceptional properties of the VICHY Thermal Spa Water with active ingredients and innovative technologies stemming from the latest breakthroughs of dermatological research. No.1 in European pharmacies,VICHY Laboratoires was launched in India in the year 2002 and is the pioneer of the Dermocosmetic category

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  1. Have you used this cream? how's the review? Looks promising by its description



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