Monday, November 7, 2011


Here's a very quick and easy black-gold smoky eye makeup look. I wanted to use my NYX Flamingo eyeshadow to create some unique look.On its own Nyx Flamingo is a mauve gold duo-chrome shade and applies very sheer.But when paired on top of a black kohl / gel liner it tuns into a very vivid black gold shade. So here's what I used for the look.

Shadows and liners-
Maybelline Colossal Mascara
Maybelline Eyestudio Gel Eyeliner Black
Matte Black eyeshadow (I've used black from 120 eyeshadow palette)
Gold eyeshadow from 88 metal mania palette on the inner corner

Brushes & eyelash curler-
Oriflame eyelash curler
The Body shop eyeshadow Blending brush
QVS eyeshadow brush
Vega Smudge brush

Step 1. Start with black kajal /kohl and apply it on your upper lashline in thick swipes and create a black v shape on your eye's outer corner. Use a smudger and smudge and smoke out the kajal on the entire lid,leaving the inner corner very lightly shaded.
Step 2.Apply kohl /kajal on the lower lashline in a thick line.Also apply kohl on your water line and tightline your upper water line as well.

Step 3.Use an eyeshadow brush to pat on Nyx Flamingo starting from the inner corner and cover your center and outer corner of eyelid. Once you have packed on the color use a blending brush to blend out and soften the look. Also apply the Flamigo shadow in patting motion on your lower lashline on top of the kohl.

Step 4.Use a matte black shadow in your crease area and create a v on the outer corner, again blend to create a smoked out look.

Step 5. Apply some burnished gold shade on the inner eye corner near the tear duct, I used my 88 Metal Mania palette for it.I've used Flamingo (without any base) as a highlight color as well.

Step 6. Use balck gel liner and apply on your uppler lashline. Curl your lashes and apply 2 coats of mascara.
Voila there you have a quick and smoky gold black eye look.

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  1. Veryy nice look! I love smoke looks sooo much !

  2. hey! You should do more of the eye makeups!! Great!
    Now you have to come up with more tutes. :D

  3. Vanity- Thank u :) I was skeptical about posting this look,but Im so happy you liked it!

  4. @Corallista-Thanks so much dear :)

    @Tapaswini-same here, I love smokey looks especially the ones which are very easy to pull off :)

  5. @Rids- Thanks sweetheart, you just made my day :D

    @ Nivedita- Sure Ma'am coming right up ! Giggles, I love doing eye makeup looks they are so much fun, but seriously clicking pics of my own eye, is a royal pain!! But more tutes coming your way :D



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