Monday, November 7, 2011


Lusting for Lakme's Ultimate Kohl or MAC's Smolder,but don't want to fork out wads of cash??

Drop everything right now and go snag the Faces Long Wear Eye Pencil in Solid Black.

I had my eyes on Lakme Ultimate Kohl, but I wanted something totally smudge proof and pocket friendly.
I've been using Maybelline Colossal kajal &I'm on my 3rd Coossal pencil.II love it, but just wanted to have a change of pace & try new stuff. Any Kohl I picked had to score higher to usurp Maybelline Colossal as my Go to Kajal.
I chanced upon Rekha's glowing review on Faces Eye Pencil and it seemed like an answer to my prayers.I could have ordered it online but I had to check out if it was actually smudge proof as it was touted to be.
Lo & behold it is! I've been wearing it for 7 hours and it hasn't budged. The hand swatches are just as vivid as when I swatched them hours back. I'm superbly impressed. Where was this kohl all my life ??

Here are swatches of 11 Faces Eye Pencil

Shades from Left to Right-   

1.Forest Green-Metallic shade, dark bottle green with metallic finish
2.Solid Brown-Matte dark coffee bean brown shade
3.Turquoise-Very unique shade has a mix of Navy & Forest green shade,metallic finish with silver reflects
4.Dark Green-Flat matte green
5.Solid Black- Pigmented matte black
5.Aqua Blue-Metallic finish,light aqua blue green shade with reflects
7.Purple-Deep aubergine color,no shimmer but muted metallic finish
8.Metal Brown-Deep bronzey brown, metallic finish with bronze shimmer
9.Gray-True gray color, very close to solid black but has slight metallic finish,great for smokey looks
10.Black Sparkle-Pigmented matte black with high silver glitter.The glitter stands out against black background and doesn't look flat or muddy on application
11.Navy-Metallic navy-peacock blue mixed shade.

Packaging- It comes in a simple pencil,basic black wooden casing and black cap,The base of the pencil has end cap in the shade of the eyeliner color, makes for easy storage.

  • Very smooth texture,color pay off is amazing.
  • Smudge proof, water proof and transfer resistant.
  • Suitable for use on water line and tightlining.
  • Doesn't tug and the texture is not too waxy.Doesn't irritate my eyes.
  • Application is very very easy, and is excellent for on the go application.
  • Fabulous shade selection, I spotted 11 shades int he store near me
  • Price-INR 249/- for 1.5 grams, the quality is comparable to premium brands.
  • No ingredient list
  • Limited availability in stores(though you can buy online)
  • You would need a makeup remover like Revlon Eye & Lip Makeup remover to remove it, won't come off with cleansing milk.
Overall Thoughts-Fantastic Kohl and great value for money. I'm going to snag more shades from this collection. Do give it a try. 
If you've used Faces Long wear Eyeliner do share your experience.

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  1. Yaa these are really good! i have aqua blue and metal brown!

  2. Manya-Oh yes these are really amazing, I wonder if I was living under a rock and never checked these out!!! I'm giving the other shades a test drive right now,might snag the gray,turquoise and metal brown.

  3. wow...i like the turquoise one a lot...will buy it for sure :))

  4. oh the shades are super pretty..loved the navy,the turquoise and the brown one esp.

  5. i have the black the green and the brown them too

  6. Wow they are awesome!! I must get them. Thanks for the review.

  7. I didn't know it was water line safe. I'm so getting the solid black. I already have the purple, metal brown & black sparkle.

  8. Thanks for the swatches pooja..U knw I am searching navy blue from a long time..but its always out of stock here :(

  9. Hi Manya- Have you tried aqua blue & metal brown on waterline? I'm planning to pick more shade so this would help

  10. mermaidbidisha- Even I've got my eyes on Touqoise, such a unique shade,love it

  11. Kukeli- Oh yes these were a total revelation to me as well, I wanted to buy all of them, but will slowly build my collection :)

    Dr. Shivani, these are super amazing, you have the matte green & browns or the metallic ones?

    Shruthi-thanks dear, do share if you pick some of these. I totally adore these

  12. Poohkie- I've used the black one on waterline & for tightlining. Didn't experience any itching, dryness or watering of eyes. I'm not sure if metallic black will be safe on waterline, 'coz it has too much of sparkle.Looks very pretty though.

    Bhumika-Oh poor dear, let me see if I find it around here,i'll pick one up for you :)

  13. hi ..i have every one of them but my problem is do u gals sharpen these?

  14. Fahee- Oh I'm so jealous of you! Now I've gotta build my Faces Eyeliner collection!!! Well I use Lakme'dual sharpner. I've reviewed it here

  15. Hey Pooja, your eyes look fantastic in the pic :)
    I was dead searching for the perfect blue liner which will be visible (you see my eyelids are quite dark & I wear spects,so eyeliners are hardly visible,except teh dark black ones :() I shall give these a try. Is the navy exactly like what it looks in this pic??



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