Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Imagine you wake up in MAC makeup factory and its like Charlie's chocolate factory where lipsticks are growing on trees, waterfalls are made of lip glosses,creme-sheen blushes blossom instead of flowers and eyeshadows dot the sky like twinkling stars.You can stir a giant tub of of paintpot with your MAC 217 !!! 

You have a free run of the place, you can decide what shade of eyeshadow, lipstick or lip gloss to create and what funky names to give them? Sounds super fun right?!!
Before you think I've taken leave of my senses,ever since MAC came out with Blogger's Obsession Collection-A collection devoted to the make-up mad Bloggers.I've been fantasizing about custom creating my own Fantasy MAC Palette.This is my flight of Fantasy,so be a sport & join me in some fantastic fun.
Here's what I'll call my Custom created palette "MAC Virgin Palette" & I'll put all the MAC must haves that a MAC virgin needs.

Powder, Blush & Highlighter in my Fantasy MAC Virgin Palette

Eyeshadow base-MAC Nubile Paintpot (From the Posh Paradise collection, yet to be launched in India)

5 Eye shadows I'd like in my Fantasy MAC Virgin Palette
5 MAC Lipsticks I'd want in my Fantasy MAC Virgin Palette
  • MAC Creme in your coffee
  • MAC Hug Me
  • MAC Cosmo
  • MAC Fanfare
  • MAC Russian Red

So this completes my Fantasy MAC Virgin Palette. Tell me if you had to create your own personal MAC Palette what would you call it & what all would you like in it? Go on let your imagination run wild.

The most innovative response will get automatic entry (with 10 points)  in my ongoing Inglot & Nyx International Giveaway

xoxo :D

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  1. I like your imagination! :D

    If i had to create one, I'd name it

    yumness (thats my expression when i see mac products) :P

    Studio fix, concealer, im not aware of a lot of eyeshadows but i'd keep all the greens, blues, pinks, purples, oranges and the neutrals! For lips probably a pink and russian red! Thats it! Oh yes and some brushes too haha

  2. LOL! Gr8 post and kudos to ur imagination Pooja :P

    MAC and I are still strangers to each other but one day I will own it someway or the other :D :D

    I would call it My MACness, which would comprise of their nude and pink and peachy lipsticks (I can never sport a red), same for the lipglasses, Fluidlines and a huge collection of their base makeup with foundations, powders, concealers,makeup-fix and also to use them properly I would need their brushes, and then add on some blushes,highlighters, paint pots and colorful eyeshadows as I fill my pallete (though I would need a basket) to the brim! :D :D :D

  3. Owing to my obsession to make up stuff, I will call my Mac pallette as MACsession pallette! :) It will have mineralize skin finish, foundation,cream blend blush,lip glasses, few mac lipsticks,eye shadows and mac siahi!

  4. Hi

    I just love MAC (and Inglot too!). My heart starts fluttering when I see or hear about MAC!

    I would call it MAChiavellian pleasures! Thats underhand pleasures! I have to really resort to underhand tactics to justify my MAC obsession...



  5. Agree with ricepaper,woodwinked and satin taupe..and Cosmo, Hug me and Creme in ur Coffee..same in mine :)



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