Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Freida Pinto turned up at the premier of her new movie Immortals in a cream colored Antonio Berardi dress.Yes the dress looks fetching. She looks well put together,statuesque & poised.

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Ever since Freida became a Hollywood darling and graced zillion red carpet events and magazine covers,I've been scratching my head. I liked Latika's character in Slumdog Millionaire (though I personally felt the child actors did a better job than the adult ones )

I have seen her International movies,saw her televised interviews and somehow remained totally foxed, I mean I couldn't find that pizazz ,that spark that connects a star to his/her audience. Tugs our heartstrings and leaves us with warm & fuzzy feeling.

Before you pounce on me  and say I'm obsessed with fair skin & don't see the ethereal beauty or talent of Frieda,hold your horses. I think she looks great & I'm more than happy that an Indian woman is getting such great opportunity on international platform and rocking it.

I've actually been feeling pretty clueless,so I'm asking you guys in all honesty, please let me know what am I not seeing?! Help

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  1. Agree- shes a nice looking girl with some great features but the way i looke at it..half of indian women look like that!!
    Oh and this is pecially for you!

  2. trust me, i have never liked her. She doesnt have that spark, period.

  3. Mehak- Yes I like her features too, but yes that special something is amiss.
    Thanks for sharing the video link. I saw it right after I read you post, oh my gosh it was a total laugh riot!!!

  4. Tanvee- True girl, I don't hate her, but I'm definitely not the greatest fan either.

  5. But I don't even like her style much too. There have been some great moments but mostly she is blah. I have not seen any of her movies so cant comment.(No I do not live under the hole :P)

  6. well...Slumdog was due to the child artists only and even then the girl's role wasn't too intense and Frieda hardly appeared in more than 3-5 scenes in the movie!!! I definitely don't like her and no prejudice against dark skin...she lacks that charisma I suppose!!!

  7. thank god i m not alone on this...agree totally wit u n swati

  8. i disagree that half of Indian women look like frieda...i'm not even an Indian but still i know how does most of the Indian women look...honestly i'm not sure why she is famous, just because her film got 8 oscars!!i know that she is an extremely attractive girl.she might not be a good actress but i just love looking at her and the reason why she is famous is simple because she standout in the Hollywood crowd,just like karishma and kareena standout in Bollywood crowd because of their light skin and eyes...frieda has the perfect dressing and makeup sense that Hollywood people admire!!i think she lacks charisma for Indians but not for Hollywood thats why she is there!

  9. I agree with Benish - she has made it in hollywood because her 1st film got a ton of oscars & she looks very different from most of the women there. And of course, she's gorgeous. I've seen 2 of her movies (not for her) & she was only ok, not especially good & not horrible. I have nothing against her success - after all a many of our bollywood lot can't act for nuts. It annoys me that she speaks in a weird, put on accent - part British, part American, part Timbuktu? She was born & brought up in India, so it just feels like she's disowning a part of her Indian-ness. So I definitely don't like her too much.

  10. @Poohkie @Benish actually there might be something in that!!! true that she stand out but frankly I never thought she had an exceptionable dressing or makeup sense but yup not being a part of the crowd does bring one in the limelight...but I haven't heard her so no idea what accent she carries and also true that a lot of the Bollywood people can't act also :)

  11. Totally agree, haven't ever seen what everyone's seeing but hey, if she's able to show the world the glamorous side of India and that it's not all about Slumdogs, then I wont complain...I'l just watch her on tv and grumble about how ridiculous the attention is ;)



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