Saturday, November 19, 2011


Ever wanted to feel like a screen siren? Then try Inglot freedom system lipstick number 49! 
This is one dangerous color, perfect for the come hither looks. Definitely not safe for work and definitely not for the nubile nymphets!
This is the hottest fuchsia red lipstick I've ever worn!!! Its such a strong feminine color, that you instantly feel so womanly & its not meant for the weakhearted.

I've had this for 3 weeks now but I've been such a chicken that I didn't dare to wear it.Today I finally decided to get out of my pink & brown lippie comfort zone and be bold enough to wear it & here's the lip swatch.

The lipstick is a blue based fuchsia red.Its intensely pigmented (the most pigmented lipstick I've ever used) and the wear time is well over 5 hours.Its creamy lipstick with a hint of sheen.
Texture of the lipstick is very similar to MAC Amplified lipstick albeit more creamier.

The lipstick refuses to budge from its place despite having my meals with it on my lips.Even after fading it leaves a stain behind, which topped with a lip balm/ gloss looks very nice.
If you are a bride then you'd like to check out these, the long staying vibrant shades are perfect for bridal wear.
The lippie is Paraben free and not tested on animals.1.2 gram refill pan costs INR 250/- I bought mine from

If you want to see swatches of nude & brown lipstick shades from Inglot freedom system click here.
Overall Thoughts-If you are a strong, confident woman not afraid to be utterly feminine & sexy, this is the shade for you.Else steer clear!
Tell me if you liked the lip shade & which is the brightest lipstick you have?

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  1. We love your blog is wonderful and will always be here reading all the news.
    We wish you a great weekend.
    Super Glorinha kisses.

  2. This shade is soooooooo pigmented and looks too good on you!

  3. t luks gorgeous dear....and i luv d way u ve applied it on ur lips...

  4. Looks absolutely gorgeous. I used to be wary of bold colours, but I do love them. Have you used a lip pencil under this?

  5. Looks so gorgeous. I can nevery carry such shades. :-(

  6. Wow!!! Looks so pretty. But I am not that gutsy to try these colors..

  7. Looks gorgeous on you Pooja :)...this deserved an FOTD though :)
    I loved the quality of these pics too :) looks different ....New cam?

  8. @Rogerio Rinaldi e Glorinha Rinaldi- Thanks a lot, really appreciate your support.
    Love Pooja

  9. Manya-Thanks a lot for liking it! The pigmentation is amazing,it just stays on for hours without touch ups

  10. Sunaa- Thansk a lot :D I've used a regular synthetic bristle lip brush.

    Tanvee- Yup, its gorgeous and utterly awe inspiring

    Poohkie- same here, even I avoid bright shades and this one is too vivid! I've not used any lipliner,lip balm or gloss, just applied the lipstick straight up.

  11. Prachi & Indgal - go for it girls,get a nicely pigmented smooth creamy lippie if you plan to wear bold shades and try these for night wear, I'm sure you'd totally rock it!

    Pooja_G- Thanks Girl :D The mystery of the Cam, well it will be unveiled on 25th Nov, watch this space for more ;)

    aMz88-oh yes this baby is pigmented like crazy, but utterly gorgeous, do give it a whirl

  12. Thats a hot hot shade. Love it. Thank :)

  13. Wow - looks so screaming hot!
    you have pretty lips to rock it too!

    i hauled on inglot too after reading ur post! :P

  14. Beautydiva- Oh this is smoking hot shade, it took all my makeup bravado to wear it!

  15. Viva-Thanks, that's really sweet of you :) So what all did you haul from Inglot?

    Bhumika- Thanks dear, I was so wary of trying out such a bold shade, really happy that all of you liked it :)

  16. pooja the shade is so it. and your lips are defined so well..i need to get this one asap

  17. Luks Awesum on u :) wat a gr8 color :)

  18. Vanity-thanks, grab this one, its sizzling hot and yes Indian brides would totally love it :D

    Thanks Shweta- do try it out, its bold & very happening shade!

  19. best shade..i must say
    looks delectable :D



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