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Max Factor popularly known as the Father of modern day Makeup industry. Max Factor was a cosmetician, chemist, wigmaker par excellence & founder of cosmetics giant Max Factor & Company.

So what makes Max Factor so special? Max Factor created the world's first  'flexible grease paint' the 'pan cake' the lip gloss, the first smudge proof lipstick,makeup for 'black and white films',first commercially available concealer,liquid nail enamel,released the first water proof makeup, launched the first clear mascara!!!!

1.A while back I'd posted pics of some beauty gizmos, asking the readers to guess what these were. Unsurprisingly many were foxed by the strange looking devices.
Well the first device is The beauty Calibrator invented (circa 1932 )by Mr. Max Factor. It comprised of flexible metal strips which conform closely to facial features.

The strips are held together by screws and allow 325 possible adjustments to highlight any facial distortion which escapes casual observation.The makeup artist would then proceed to apply corrective makeup as per the facial flaws highlighted by Beauty calibrator.

2.Another weird looking gizmo was "The Kissing Machine," from 1939. it presses two sets of rubber lips together,under 10 pounds of pressure, to test the lasting power of the lipstick. I know you are wondering, why not hire live subjects to test the lipsticks. Well you see our Mr. Factor was the thrifty sort and didn't like the hourly charges commanded by the test models,so he invented 'The Mechanical Lip Oscillator' a.k.a The Kissing Machine. This led to the creation of world's first smear proof lipstick-Tru-color lipstick.

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3. In 1914 Max Factor released the first cosmetic made specifically for motion pictures.It was a thinner greasepaint made in 12 graduating shades. It was in cream form and packaged in jars, as opposed to the thicker stick grease paints used for theater. Unlike other makeup it would not crack or cake up.

4. Max Factor released "Color Harmony", a range of face powder in 1918  which due to its vast shade range allowed the customizing of consistent make-up for an individual actor or actress.

5.Released "Max Factor's Supreme Nail Polish," in 1925, a metal pot of beige-colored powder that is sprinkled on the nails and buffed with a chamois buffer. It gave nails shine and some tint.In 1927  "Society Nail Tint," was released a small porcelain pot containing rose colored cream. Applied to the nail and buffed, it gives a natural rose color. "Society Nail White" was also released. This was a tube of chalky white liquid that is applied under nail tips and left to dry. The end result resembles the modern French manicure

6.In 1928 Max Fctor developed cosmetics specifically for use in black-and-white films. Max Sr. was awarded an Oscar award for this innovation. 

7. Invented Lip Gloss in 1930

image source

8. In 1934 released Liquid Nail Enamel, forerunner of today's nail enamels.

9.In 1937 released "Pan-Cake", forerunner of modern cake makeup, originally developed for color films.Launched first commercially available concealer Erace in 1938.

 In 1948 released "Pan-Stik" makeup.

10. In 1971 released the first "waterproof" make-up. 1988 Launched the world's first colorless (clear) mascara

Max Factor company is currently owned by P & G and you can find Max Factor exhibits and original salon even today at Hollywood History Museum
Next time you pick out a Max Factor makeup, remember you are paying homage to the Father of modern Makeup.

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