Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Mom love kit-Makeup goodies for Mom

What's your earliest makeup memory?-For me the memory of playing with my mom's vanity case, smearing red Lakme` lippie all over my baby lips, trying to look all grown up :) 

My love affair with makeup started very young and my mom's dresser was always my favorite playground. I single handedly manager to smash so many of her lipsticks, break nail polish bottles, use kajal as crayon,break perfume bottles....well you get the drift, it was a destructive love affair with makeup ;) LOL

As  I grew up, I actually became my mom's makeup consultant & personal shopper and what better way to make up for all the Makeup I smashed than to gift her tons of stuff she loves
.My Mom was in town this weekend (we live in separate cities) and we got time to catch up have some serious mother-daughter bonding :)
This is a Mom Love Kit I made for her, full of goodies she hearts.I tried to get her a mix of skin care products & makeup items. She has sensitive skin and is usually wary of experimenting with makeup. Now she checks out my blog everyday & I'm trying to draw her out of her makeup comfort zone and get her to experiment a bit.I tried to teach her how to apply eyeshadow and all the jazz about primers/ tinted moisturizer and beauty balms .So far she's loving it.I hope my mom enjoys my blog & my 'Mom love kit'

 So what are your favorite makeup gifts for your Mom?

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  1. My mom never uses makeup as she is a very traditional women :) :) I have gifted her only lip balms :)
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  2. awww so sweet !!! My mom prefers clothes to makeup...she hs one mac lipstick (Touch) which she keeps repurchasing and refuses to try out other colors!

  3. Ohhhh so sweet !! I loved everything !!! Can you tell hows the loreal hydrafresh gel cream?

  4. So sweet of u :D :D My mum doesn't like makeup :| And so I had a no makeup childhood :P Now only she has taken to compact tat too only for weddings :D

  5. ohh wow.... so sweet !!! lovely kit you have made.. .. perfect balance of all the right kinda products

  6. aww..super sweet of u pooja..loved everything..

  7. aww yo r so awesom=)) and nice picks=))

  8. Wow. This is so nice. My mum doesn't use anything at all. At most I can get her use a bit Lakme moisturizer. That's all

  9. Such a nice gesture - very nice collection!!!

    You are such a thoughtful daughter... I am sure ur mom wud LOVE it!

    My mom is only into lipstick and kajal at max!

    So I give her lippies all the time! :P

  10. love this idea, might make one for my mum for xmas!! xx



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