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Remember the TV program 'Chandrakanta' from childhood? One of my most vivid memory of this program was a charater called 'Kroor-Singh' a.k.a. Mister Bushy Eyebrows! 

So bushy and iconic were his eyebrows that after almost 2 decades I still remember it.
Moral of the story-so while we do our Ooohs & Aaahs over the gorgeous MAC lippies and shadows,one thing that can most dramatically alter your face are your Eyebrows. 

Ladies its time to pull out your Tweezers and tame those brows!

Eyebrow basically define the angles on our face and well shaped eyebrows can open up your eyes and make them look bigger.It can give you an instant face lift with a well placed arch.

Here is what you need to shape and tweeze your eyebrows.

1 A well lit mirror (preferably magnifying one)
2.A pair of flat tipped tweezers
3.A pair of sharp scissors
4.eyebrow brush and comb
5.Some ice or aloe vera gel to soothe skin
6.A marker -concealer pencil / kohl pencil (whatever you have at hand)

Make sure the edges of the tweezers perfectly snap together,invest in good quality tweezers.

Step 1. Keep the mirror on a level surface and observe your eyebrows.Notice the current shape and arch of the eyebrow,also notice the direction of hair growth .
Most of the time chances are the natural shape of both your eyebrows is not the same.You will need to tweeze both your eyebrows simultaneously to ensure you maintain balance between them.

Step 2.The basic rules of eyebrow shaping are
a.Your eyebrows should start where your nostrils end. (Marked A in the diagram)
b.The eyebrow arch should be right above the outer edge of your iris. (Marked B in the diagram)
c. Your eyebrows should end at the end of imaginary line drawn from outer nostril past the outer edge of the eye (Confused? No worry , just check the diagram below for more clarity)
Your eyebrow should end where the imaginary line C & D meet. Just use your eyebrow brush/comb handle to measure out the start and end points of your brows.Your nostrils will be the frame of reference for all measurements.

Step 3. Use concealer pencil / kohl pencil to mark out these key reference points on your brows to help you tweeze.
Hold the tweezers firmly and look straight into the mirror and gently start plucking the hair with your tweezers. Keep the skin taut to ensure painless plucking.
Always pluck in the direction of hair growth. Pluck a few hair in a row in one go, sit back analyze don't go on a mindless deforestation drive.

Step 4.Start between the gap between the two eyebrows and ensure the starting points are well defines, use eyebrow comb and sharp pair of scissors to trim away extra long strands of hair.

 (Before, notice the different natural shape of my brows, its tricky to balance them out)

Step 5. Define your arch- the arch should be right on top of the outer corner of your iris (eyeball).If both your eyebrows naturally have differently shapes or the hair growth is sparse in one eyebrow then balance out the arches carefully, you don't want to land with one eyebrow arch way higher than other.Also try and keep the arch shape close to your natural shape, highly arches brows though look stylish can be tricky to achieve (& there is always the risk of over-tweezing)

Step 6. Tweeze out the excess hair growth at the outer corner of your eyebrows. Remove out the strays, again balance is the key, both brows should look as similar as humanly possible.

Step 7. After you are done tweezing, use the brow comb to shape your brows, tackle any strays at this stage, also you can use scissors to groom  the top of the inner corner of your eyebrows,as here many strands would be growing vertically and tweezing them would make your brows look sparse.

Step 8. Apply ices cube / aloe vera gel to sooth any redness / tingling sensation you experience in the tweezed area.
Step9. You are done shaping the eyebrow.Stand back and admire your handiwork.

(After- some semblance of peace is achieved between my warring eyebrows)

Remember- when in doubt under tweeze and not over-tweeze. Over tweezed , very thin eyebrows can make add years to your face.

You can groom your eyebrows using brow wax, brow pencil, spoolie and brow powder. Details coming up soon in my next post.

Let me know if you found this post helpful :)

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  1. very helpful ... i use the same method ... yayy

  2. now dats what i was looking for. idk why but not at all comfortable with tweezers, i keep poking myself

  3. @Meenu- thanks Meenu, glad you found it helpful :)

  4. @ Uzma- Thanks sweetheart :)

    @ Rids- yay! same pinch, glad u found the technique useful :)

  5. @Vanity- Yeah it takes quite a bit of practice, but check what type of tweezers you are using. My earlier tweezing attempts were a disaster, till I found the right pair.
    Check out 'New U' stores they have extensive selection of QVS tweezers in a ll size and purpose, you can probably buy a pair of smaller tweezers to get better control while tweezing.



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