Sunday, April 3, 2011


FAB INDIA ORANGE AND CINNAMON FACE AND BODY GEL SCRUB is alight luscious gel scrub which has an intense & intoxicating combination of orange & cinnamon fragrance.

Its suitable for daily use, its made with natural active ingredients. It gently exfoliates the skin leaving you feeling refreshed and invigorated all day long. This has soft exfoliating granules which are good for full body scrubbing. It leaves a lovely lingering fragrance. Though the product claims to be for use as a face scrub, but the cinnamon makes it very strong for delicate facial skin & leaves a slight tingling /burning sensation. I use it only for body scrubbing & love it.

Ingredients: Purified Water, Propylene Glycol, Walnut Shell Powder, Carbopol 940, Aloe Vera Extract, Phenoxyethanol, Lactic Acid, Cinnamon Oil, Orange Oil, Allantoin

Price INR 225 for 100 grams.The casing is a plastic tub, but handle with care as the plastic is prone to breakage. The product itself is a great buy. Check out the swatches below

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  1. Quite an interesting combination indeed ... looks good...

  2. i bought Fabindia's water melon scrub y'day.Haven't used yet.Smells so nice..Will review after use :)

    BTW Fabindia's coral face pack is always out of stock.So any one can refer a replacement product for that?

  3. shalini it smeels great, i'm a great fan of apple-cinnamon combo but this one is delicious too, just dont put it on face, cinnamon will make it tingle

  4. Hey Gemini Lass-do post a review soon of the water melon scrub sounds so fresh & summery!

    coral face pack replacement product.. hmmm lemme see i once used a vlcc pack with similar features but i found it too drying so wont recommend it..lemme look around if i find a suitable replacement i'll keep you posted

  5. I am using VLCC mud pack now, since fabindia is not available. Since it dries out skin i am mixing it with honey and applying. It do gives a temporary glow for skin.

    Anyway thanks for suggestion and tell me if any other good product you know. :)

  6. Its supposed to be a face scrub, isnt it ? I read it gave u a burning sensation.. do u hv sensitive skin ? I was looking fwd to buy this for face only... and i noticed fab india has increased the price from 175 to 225 in 2 months ! Now if you r saying its not even useful for the face, its doubtful if its a good buy.

  7. Hey Silkina-It is supposed to be a face scrub, but the cinnamon leaves a tingling burning sensation of facial skin. I have normal combination skin-which is totally fuss free, so I wasn't allergic to this.
    It works well as a very soft body scrub leaves a lingering fragrance on the skin(preferably only in fall/winter weather-avoid in summers).If you have normal-dry skin try Himalaya Apricot face scrub else if you have oily skin try Aromagic Blossom Kochar Mineral Glow scrub.

  8. Thnx ! That helped :) I hv normal-combi skin so then I think even i will avoid this. Plus they increased the price without making the product better. So I'll look for better options. And thanks for the suggestions.. but i dont hv dry or oily skin! Any other good face pack or face scrub that u liked for my type of skin ? Honestly, I wanted this just for the orange in it... wld just buy anything with orange in it :)

  9. Hmmm a Citrus that's serious LOL well I have Normal combination skin and Himalaya Apricot face scrub works great, costs arouns Rs 80 and is a great budget buy.
    If you want you can make simple face scrub for a quick glow mix 1 tsp rosewater with 1/2 teaspoon of almond powder and apply on face.
    Alternatively take 1 tsp of honey & mix 1/2 tsp on sugar & apply all over face (this does tend to get sticky)

  10. Hehe.. yup, kinda serious ;) I already have the Himalaya neem pack and its good. Will get this one you recommend too. Thnks for your home remedies.. I love home-made packs :) But almond powder will have to made/bought rite ? I have almonds at home, not sure how to make powder.
    fab india had some good face packs.. heard ppl raving abt them... u had any personal experience with other fabindia products ?

  11. Guessing u havent been online ? chkd the page yest and tday.. thot u wld reply.

  12. Hi Silkina, sorry for delayed reply. I wasn't well..well about almond powder you can take 4-5 almonds and use normal mortar-pestle to crush & powder the almonds.Else u can soak the almonds overnite and grind them to a coarse paste mix tiny bit of rose water.
    I have used Fabindia coral glow face pack, lavender cleansing milk, vitamin E cream, Avocado body butter,lip balms,aloe vera under eye gel.Most of these are pretty good.
    I'd highly recommend Shanaz Hussain's Honey Health Ayurvedic mud mask.I'll be doing a separate post soon. Do follow my blog to get regular updates :)

  13. thanks. ya, ur blog is anyways a favorite :) oh take care. hope u r well now :) I have heard so much abt the coral glow pack, but its always out of stock. I wonder if fab india has closed it... any replacement pack for that in case it remains out of stock ?



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