Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Body Shop Tea Tree skin clearing facial wash

The Body Shop Tea Tree skin clearing facial wash had intrigued me for a long while as I had seen some of my friends use it. I have combination skin which is usually very well behaved, I also don't have a problem of zits,but as my T- zone gets quite oily and the high heat & humidity meant I needed some more heavy duty face wash.

This facial wash has a thin texture much like the regular TBS shower gels and is green in color, which is visually pleasing 'coz it invokes images of tea gardens of Munnar in my mind.The face wash has a very strong woody & camphoraceous aroma. This skin clearing facial wash is supposed to be suitable for blemished skin.

My own experience using this face was was quite underwhelming, while I loved the fresh woody aroma and cool (slightly tingling) sensation on my face while using the face wash, it didn't do much to remove excess oil from my face.Thankfully it doesn't dry up my skin or leaves it feeling stretched.

I have used it for past almost 10 days, I experienced breakouts on my face 2-3 days after using this.Considering I haven't changed my skincare routine except this one, it could have probably not suited my skin.
Also the tingling/ cooling sensation didn't bother me much, but if you have sensitive skin you might want to steer clear of this one.

The price is Rs 205/- for 60 ml & 250 ml is Rs 450/- which honestly is way more than I'd pay for a face wash.I picked this during the ongoing sale and at 50% off for 60 ml bottle.

Overall Thoughts- If you love using Tea tree oils in your skin routine, are a devout TBS fan or somebody who loves the heady woody-citrusy aromas in your skin care product then you could give it a whirl.
If you are somebody with acne / other skin blemishes & are looking for a solution for your skin woes then don't expect miraculous results after using this.This is an okay-ish face wash I might keep this for traveling purpose, but would I be re-purchasing it?- Nah! it didn't rock my boat

BTW here are some pics of the Lovely Tea estates in Munnar (Kerala,India) I clicked these pics on my trip last year.If you ever get chance to travel to God's own country then do check out this scenic locale.

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  1. Poo..this is my HG face wash..I have problematic skin and cant do without it..sad that it doesnt impress u..

    1. P..even I was a it dismayed,'coz i thought this would help clear up my skin, but guess everybody's body chemistry is different and this one didn't work for me, if its your HG Facewash- more power to you Girl :)

  2. WIll def try this one while the sale is on :)

  3. Hi Pooja,

    I also have combination skin. The tea tree range did not suit me at all, felt very harsh on my skin, so I can relate to this post. However, the seaweed range by body shop (which is meant for combination skin) did wonders to my skin. I bought the travel pack which consisted of a cleanser, toner, day and night cream (mini bottles) and my acne has reduced considerably. I also went off make-up on my skin (nothing expect the seaweed moisturiser on my face). Now I am not sure if the seaweed stuff helped or if not using any make-up helped.

  4. If you just wash your face with water but make sure you keep your face dry and clean because it would be the oil in your pores that would be contributing to the skin problem also eating allot of vegetables and drink water everyday it will help keep oil out of your body.



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