Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Teal & Golden Olive eye makeup Look & Top 3 ways to have fun when there is no electricity!!

I'm sure most of you like me in North & North-eastern India would have been/are still reeling under power outage. Well good thing about living in the Millennium City a.k.a as Gurgaon you get pretty used to regular & extended power failures.The city survives on power back-ups,so while the 4 Northern states pass the buck on who sucked most power outta the Power grid-Its business as usual here!  Go Gurgaon!!

Okay enough cynicism for the day!

Well the look I'm showing you here was result of one such major power outage a few days back here in Millennium city. Yeah I know sounds pretty crazy, well actually there is a little story behind this look.
At the peak of sweltering heat we experienced one of the worst outages here in Gurgaon, while the diesel gen sets in our colony coughed & spluttered and chugged on, many other colonies were not quite so lucky..Two of my young sis-in-laws came over at our place to spend the night and pretty soon before we knew it, things turned in to an all Girls slumber party!!

Yay! While I was tutoring my young Sis (who is still in college btw) on the difference between blending brush and shader brush and how to do a cut crease and apply gel eyeliner, we ended up doing this eye makeup look. As this looks was achieved in semi darkness and frequent flip flops by electricity, its not exactly perfection. Mea Culpa

Products Used
  • NYX HD eyeshadow base- used all over lids
  • MAC Golden Olive Pigment Used on lids and lower lashline
  • MAC Teal pigment used on outer eye corner
  • Inglot Pearl 409 eyeshadow on the crease
  • Shimmery blonde gold shade used on inner eye corner from 120 eyeshadow palette
  • Coastal scents Buttercup hot pot used as nude highlighter
  • Maybelline Eyestudio black gel liner used to create winged liner
  • Maybelline Colossal Volume Mascara
  • Colorbar Idefine eyeliner Flirty Turq used on lower lashline

Hope you guys liked the look, though its not perfect I had tons of fun doing it.

Here are my Top 3 ways to have fun there is no electricity supply-
1. Have a romantic candle light dinner.
2. Have a mini slumber party with your girlies- its time to dig out those lotion- potions and have a mini spa at home.
3.Play board games with your family & friends!

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  1. thats such a pretty eyemakeup poo..I always love ur EOTDs..I wish u were here to teach me..ur sis is lucky..:)

  2. light or no light..its fab!!! i feel u r such a pro at eotds tht u can still do eotds in complete darkness..hehe
    wud u pls teach me how to differentiate between all those brushes as well!!?

  3. You should tweeze before you post such close up pics ... the beauty of an eye make up is only achieved with a perfectly arched brow !

    1. Totally agree importance of perfectly groomed brows,this is eye makeup looks was done on a young cousin of mine,these aren't my eyes :)



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