Sunday, July 15, 2012

Nyassa's Exotic Rose Handmade soap & Under the ocean bath fizzy

Ever since I saw Elizabeth Taylor essay Cleopatra; I've always harbored grand visions of myself bathing luxuriously in an exotic pool much like Cleopatra -okay I know the ancients used pretty wonky stuff in their bath like Asses's milk.No such wonky stuff for me thanyouverymuch !I'm more in to exotic roses and lavenders.

The nice people at Nyassa probably got a whiff of my little Cleopatra fantasy & they sent me this little goodie box with Nyassa Handmade exotic rose soap & Under the ocean bath fizzy.

Nyassa Handmade Exotic Rose Soap

The soap is a pretty baby pink colored bar with a healthy topping of dried rose petals embedded in to the soap.The bar has a sumptuous & rich rose fragrance.The smell is very natural and it really envelopes you in a warm hug with its comforting feel.

The soap is handmade and contains coconut & palm oil.
I sliced up the soap,what you see in the pic below is almost 20% of the soap bar, so I'm guessing a single bar should last round about 30-35 days.The soap lathers up pretty well, unlike many other handmade soaps I have used in the past.The embedded rose petals  also felt soft on the skin.
Price Rs 135/- for 100 grams

Under the ocean bath fizzy

"A sophisticated and breezy oceanic fragrance that will rejuvenate the soul.

Beauty Regimen: Use an entire fizzy for a tub bath or break in smaller parts for soaking your hands and feet. Enjoy the fragrance burst. For all skin types"

Pros- Smells really good and the fragrance is very fresh and distinct.I added this to my bath water and also used it as a foot soak.It left my skin feel a tad softer than usual and the fragrance lingered on for a while.
Priced well  75 grams for Rs 95/-
100% Vegetarian
Contains Naturally Pampering Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Corn Starch, Preservative, Essential oil/ Fragrance & Colour.

Cons-I had this gleeful look on my face when I set out to use it- I thought that this is going to go whizzing and fizzing in my bath water- Alas it did not fizz. It could be a bad batch or all that humidity but this baby fizzled out on me :(

Trivia-Right now I have tucked the remaining bathing bar and fizzy pack in my lingerie drawer 'coz these two really smell divine ;)

Overall Thoughts- If you are looking for luxurious bathing experience and love heady sumptuous fragrance then do check out Nyassa products. The fragrance of both the products is delightful and lingers on for a long time.
The Under the ocean bath fizzy has nice and crisp oceanic fragrance,it works well as a visual treat in your bathroom if you want to recreate a spa feel to it but did not fizz when I used it so I'm not overly ecstatic about it.
The Handmade Exotic Rose soap is a delightful treat, its has a beautiful English rose fragrance,it lathers really well and leaves the skin well hydrated and your bathroom smells really ah-mazing after use. I'd personally recommend the Nyassa Exotic rose soap.

You can buy Nyassa products from

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  1. u are forcing me to buy a lot of stuffs these days...*sad angry me*

    u really did a nice review..have u used it on face? drying?

    ohh and btw u can make ur own fizzy bath. its super simple....i wrote about it when i reviewed the Iraya fizzy bath

    1. LOL :D I know dear beauty blog can be an addiction enabler ;) I don't use soaps on my face so didn't try it out on my face.
      I know d recipe for making bath fizzies it's on my bucket list of to do project, but thanks to procrastination haven't got round to making some at home :)

  2. Luxurious bath soaps are tempting!!!! <3 <3 Thanks for the review Pooja :) I am surely going to check out their site.
    Happy morning! have a wonderful Sunday :D

    1. Thanks Lancy hope you had a great weekend :) these luscious bath treats are my favorites there isn't anything more relaxing than a pampering bath :)

  3. I'm a sucker for soaps and bath products. Well reviewed Pooja :)...and love the idea of keeping the bath bar in the lingerie drawer!

    1. :) yup me too a bath and body product addict

  4. the handmade soaps look so tempting.. I really decorate my bathroom with them :)

    1. Same here even I love decorating my bathroom with these handmade soaps and body washes and potpourri :) girls just wanna have fun :)

  5. I am trying out the raspberry soap..smells awesome !

    1. Wow raspberry soap that's sounds delish! Looking forward to your review :)

  6. Just checked online and these products are available on many online website

    urban touch
    Natural Mantra

    I am surely goin to buyone and try ... Thanks pooja

  7. Follow nyassa on Facebook and get regualar updates

  8. ohh! too bad this didnt fizz! I like a bubbly bath :D

  9. 'It is a good product by Nyassa. All of their products are 100% Natural and are easily available online at It provides a wonderful experience of shopping and complete range of Nyassa products. Go give it a try (y).

  10. Interesting article!!
    Never knew activated charcoal could do so much good to my skin! Definitely will try the activated charcoal & green tea soap for skin brightening & pimples.



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