Tuesday, July 3, 2012

MAC constructivist Paint pot review,swatch and a dupe

I'm a cream eyeshadow lover I love how easy it is to apply them on the go and 'coz MAC paintpots are the perfect Cream eyeshadows,these get lot of loving from me.

MAC describes Paintpots as "A highly pigmented eye colour that goes on creamy but dries to an intense, vibrant finish.Long-wearing, colourfast. Creates seamless coverage without weigh or caking.Blends smoothly over the lids.Cream-based, can be mixed with M·A·C shadows and liners"

MAC Constructivist paintpot is a rich dark chocolate brown pearl with a beautiful sheen.This is a great shade for creating chic neutral looks. The medium & duskier skinned beauties would love this more than their paler sisters.

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True to its claim it has a wear time of over 10 hours on my oily lids,unlike other creme based eyeshadow it doesn't crease on my lids..It can be used alone as an all over wash of  color or can be applied underneath other powder eyeshadows as well to add dimension to the look.
The paintpots dry pretty quickly and you need to work quickly on blending. Personally I prefer using my ring finger to dab and blend my paintpots.You can use a flat concealer brush for applying and blending your paint pots, don't use your regular powder eyeshadow brushes with paintpot else they might have massive product build up and not work very well with your powder eyeshadow.

Constructivist has a beautiful sheen and it elevates it from boring brown to a rich deep pearlescent chocolate shade.
It is great for everyday office wear & I love just seeping this on my lids and adding 2 coats of mascara and I'm good to go!
However if you are plagued with raccoon eyes and couldn't be bothered with concealer in the morning then be careful of constructivist it might make your eyes more deep set and fatigued.

MAC paintpots retail for $17.5 in US / India Rs 1300/- for 5 gram jar. The quantity is pretty good however unless you are using the shade everyday you might find that your paintpots are drying out before you make much of the dent in the pot. So if you find forking out 1300 bucks a bit much for a single cream eyeshadow then you can try buying a sample sized jar from or split it with your friends 'coz it really will last you a long long time.

Overall Recommendation-MAC constucitivist will work well under darker shadows to add a nuanced dimension to your eye makeup, but don't expect it to replace a eyeshadow primer.The shade is great for creating neutral looks and is a great addition to your vanity. It is specially helpful for beauty beginners,working women and neutral look lovers.I would recommend it!

Dupe It- If you are looking for a close dupe in powder eyeshadow for MAC constructivist then check out Inglot Pearl 409 eyeshadow

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  1. The shade is so lovely. But since I am a panda, I think I should give it a pass as of now.
    Umm, you say that paint pots can't be used as primers? I was plannign to break a bank and get hold of either painterly or ochre for using as a base.
    Need you advice on this please

    1. Primers oftencontain silicones,it smoothens & preps your eyelids and create a even surface.It also prevents your oiliness of your lids from messing with your shadows.
      Eyeshadow base doesn't necessarily prime your lids but enhances the color payoff and longevity of your shadow.You can use your colored eyeliner,paints,paint pot,cream eyeshadow,gel eyeliner,jumbo pencils as a base.
      Base can be in a nude skintone shade for neutral looks, or a pearlescent white for use under light colored eyeshadows or a darker colored one to help the powder eyeshadow adhere better on your eyelids and make your shadows last much longer.
      Some good quality eyeshadow bases like NYX HD base do both the jobs.

      You can buy paintpot and use as a base however in my own experience they don't make as sensational difference I had imagined they would.
      Paintpots dry up pretty quickly & I feel don't give that stickiness to the powder shadows to grab on to.Personally I prefer MAC paints to MAC paintpots.
      Painterly gives off a slight greyish cast and unless you are below NC 40 it might not work great for you.
      Soft ochre might work relatively better.Another shade you should check out is Nubile from Posh paradise collection its a peachy nude shade which looks much better.
      I'd say if you pick up a good primer & base you don't necessarily need a Paintpot, its a good to have but not a must have.

  2. I see. In that case I should content myself with my Inglot eyeshadow base. Used in the right consistency, it stays okayish. Since NYX HD primer is not that much available here and even if it is, at an outrageous price, I have to keep an eye on them as of now I think.

    1. Yeah NYX HD eyeshadow base and UDPP I wish these were easily available in India..

  3. i was gonne buy a paint pot to use as base..but i read the comment above..I think i'll give it a pass

    1. Paints and paintpots do work well as a base, but you'd still need a primer and these do cost a pretty penny so unless u use them very regularly these will tend to dry before u hit pan. So think deeply before you pick up one :)

    2. I *dumbly* was under the impression that these work as primer too..thanks for the info anyways. I got a couple of primers at present..and was eyeing paint points thinking that I wouldnt have to apply layers of products if i got this as I usually forgot the primer in a hurry

  4. Great review...btw missing your 101 Eye makeup looks :(

    1. Hey sorry been really busy and this crazy heat is driving me nuts, I'll be back with project 101 eye makeup looks soon, pinky promise :)

  5. That looks nice..ya super close to 409..

    1. Yup even I love it, great all over lid color, shade is very close to inglot pearl 409

  6. Thats a very pretty brown. Thanks for the link. m off to chk n order few for myself. ;)

  7. this would flatter the duskies like us. i wish i was more into eye makeup..m a lipstick addict!



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