Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Glamour doll eyes-Eyeshadow Haul!

I'm into eye makeup and I also love colorful shades which lets be honest barring MACs & Inglots are scarcely to be seen in Indian brands.
I want a good variety of shades, good pigmentation and quality and obviously pocket friendly prices.Not many shadows lived up to my exacting standards.So for the second time I decided to haul a bunch of shadows from Glamour Doll eyeshadows.After all a Girls's gotta shop! I love the high fun quotient of GDE eyeshadows. I had bought 8-9 shades last time and ended up using so many of those in my Project 101 Eye makeup look.

Glamour Doll Eyes is owned by Vaness Barney a.k.a. Vee, who runs a One woman show-she mixes the eyeshadows,gives them quirky names,packages them, handles shipping and what not all by herself! Whew!
GDE has a dazzling array of eyeshadow shades and the pigmentation is intense, all the shades also have very fun & quirky names.A lot of shadows are created and named in collaboration with otherInternet Beauty Gurus a.k.a Vbloggers and bloggers as well.
In fact the cute brand logo you see was created by one of GDE customer and was selected by users as a result of a user poll.

I hauled a whole bunch of eyeshadow sample jars and some sample baggies,plus I got 2 free sample baggies, i all I think I hauled some 24-25 shades!! I bought a mix of permanent eyeshadows, some special edition eyeshadows from' The Twi-shadows collection' and Eye lights.  
The Twi shadows is actually a Twilight inspired eyeshadow collection and has shades inspired by all the characters of the Cullen Family & of course Bella-Guess what is Bella's shade called? "Just Bitten"

 Glamour Doll eyeshadows has recently released their Blogger collection- 12 eyeshadow shades inspired by Internet Beauty Gurus.I'm already eying all some of the shades from the collection :P

Each eyeshadow sample jar is individually sealed with shrink wrap. Also each shade clearly specifies whether its Vegan or not and also whether it is safe for use on Lips or not.
The full sized jars of these shadows are priced at $ 6 & sample sized jars cost $ 2.5 &  sample baggie cost $ 1.25 a piece. 
They offer Free international shipping on orders above $40, so you can club your order with friends and avail free international shipping as well.

 You can check out eyeshadow swatches on skin at Glamour Doll eyes site itself which honestly makes Online shopping a breeze.

The glittery shadows that you see in the pics below are called eye lights and are ultra fine glitter and are soft like pigments.These will be great for some colorful ultra glam looks :D
That holographic silvery glitter you see in this pic is called 'Hollywood' Oh Boy I'm just itching to use it in an EOTD!

And now for one of the Product sampling policies I have come across

If you purchase a sample and you decided that you want to go ahead and get the full size jar, GDE will take the price of the sample off the price of the full jar. Please email Glamour Doll Eyes before placing your order so they can make you a coupon code!

To check out Glamour Doll eyeshadows and buy click here

What this post means is that my Project 101 Eye Makeup looks which had been put in cold storage for a while will be out and you can expect to see some interesting & definitely colorful eye makeup looks soon :)


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  1. wow all eyeshadows look amazingly gorgeous! love the colors and waiting to see some fun looks :)

    1. Sure Parita lots of funky EOTDs coming up soon :)

  2. so many beautiful pigments...waiting eagerly for your Project EOTDs now :D

    1. :) yes Pooja I'm planning to really get my project kick started again needed all these shadows for mOtivation :P

  3. im having an international giveaway :)

  4. What wonderful colors :))..Will definitely check them out. Thanks!

  5. And participate in my Sleek Oh So Special palette giveaway. Its on now :)

    1. Thanks I've been lemming for oh so special Palette forever, will surely participate

  6. Replies
    1. Yay!! It looks lile a rainbow burst out and spilled colors all over :)

  7. Wow! looks soo pretty! Swatch Swatch Swatch!
    Hey did u manage to get ben nye?

    1. Yes Kejal swatch fest coming right up!! Yup I did snag Ben nye,it was a mad cap mission impossible style race to NBC I reached there at 8.25 pm and shop closes at 8.30 pm!! I'm one makeup crazzy woman :P I'll mail you my mail to you is still sitting in draft folder

  8. Would you say these are the MOST pigmented of all the shadows you have tried? I was a bit disappointed with CS shadows - the internet was raving about them but they seemed so chalky and boring to me!

    1. The best pigments I have tried so far are from MAC they are ultra smooth and highly pigmented,but at RS 1350 apiece they cost whole lot more than what I would like to spend on a single shadow.i have used coastal scents hotspots and a loose eyeshadow sample but I agree with you that Coastal scents shadows are average quality.
      Glamour doll eyeshadows are not pure pigments but loose eyeshadows,the quality is not MAC and at almost 1/5th price I don't expect them to be,but having said that they are extremely god quality,very very wide range of shades and very can sample
      Tons of shadows without busting ur bank.Personally I feel confident recommending these.if u r hauling some stuff then try and snag Trophy wife it's the most gorgeous shade of Gold ever!



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