Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Body Shop Up to 50% Off Sale is Here!

Hello buttercups! The body shop Up to 50% Off sale is here!!! 

Well I think the Sale has been on for 2-3 days or something & actually I had no plans to shop for anything.We were just strolling around in Khan Market, waiting for our seat reservation at The Big Chill (one of my all time favorite places to nosh in Delhi) to come through & I spotted the TBS store & surprisingly Hubby dear said "okay why don't you check out some stuff?!"
"Err. really are you sure I asked?"
He said- "Oh yeah they have 50% off why not?"
 I couldn't believe my ears & I could  seriously do cartwheels right then!- nopes,not really... the store was kind of small, not really possible to pull off cartwheels there so I did the next best thing I hurriedly grabbed these babies, all this was flat 50% off!!!
I just love the Travel sized Body shop treats, they are fun to use, easy to travel with and look so pretty in my bath :) Hubby insisted that I also pick up the Dewberry shower gel & body lotion too! Really just my lucky day :)

Just then we got a call that our seats at restaurant were available and we had to rush out, before I could do any more damage to my wallet :)

Rush to your nearest TBS store to snag some goodies 'coz these do get sold out pretty quickly

To know more about the Sale & ongoing offers click here

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  1. OMG now I really wanna go and shop at the TBS but i need to save up every penny of mine lol. Enjoy the haul ^_^.

    ♥Crazy Pop Lock♥

  2. i went to the sales today and everything that was on 50% was retagged (they had taken the actual price/importdate/exp. date sticker and put a new one on them. You can easily know because you can see those glue marks of the previous tag) On top of it, few products were tampered, had lesser quantity than usual, etc. Pooja, i just request you recheck everything again for glue marks, puffs, quantity, etc

    1. That's strange, i just checked all the pieces i bought, all are in pristine condition with original stickers and tag, no tampering or lesser quantity or any re tagging business here...all items are at east 24 months from their expiry date. Is it something specific to a particular store in Kolkata? I suggest you leave a feedback in the store complaint book if that is the case.

    2. guess you are lucky dear. I noticed all these in the store because a girl talked about it in the TBD FB page.

      I just blogged about it and another girl also have seem to notice the same.

      Infact, I even said those guys that these seems to be retagged but they denied everything. I just left the store after that.



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