Thursday, July 26, 2012

Kareena Kapoor's Heroine poster inspired eye makeup

So we all saw Kareena's latest posters from upcoming movie Heroine,with Bebo sprawled out on bed in a glam gold halter top and  golden brown shorts. Supposedly aping Mariah's sultry pose and flanked by Glossy Magz & Tabloid and a wine goblet thrown in for good measure to complete the Fallen Woman look.

Now I'm not mad over movies or fan crazed, but my interest was piqued by Bebo's super dramatic makeup.
She sports very angular, architectural brows which have obviously been filled out & worked upon quite a bit, 'coz they look totally unlike Bebo's natural brows.

Also the very dramatic eye makeup,heavily contoured cheeks and deep bordeaux lips look Glam albeit a tad OTT for the outfit she is wearing.

 image source Google-copyrighted to respective owner

So as promised I wanted to take my Project 101 eye makeup looks out from the Cold storage and get back to doing makeup looks and I thought why not start with this one.

This look was incredibly confusing for me, not so much because of the technique,but 'coz Kareena is sprawled out and the picture is taken from an unusual angle, her eye makeup is visible from up-side down angle, plus the image above is so touched up & the lighting make it nearly impossible to make out the shades.

I cropped out Kareena's eye makeup from the pic above and rotated the image to get a clearer idea about the look.
Here's my version of the look, its inspired by Bebo's look in this poster, though I wouldn't call it an exact  copy,simply because I'm not sure about the shades Bebo is wearing and plus her pics show her eyes upside down and hence the outer corner shading gives the eyes a elongated shape in the pic.

To create the look I have used a neutral taupe shade all over my lids and lots of matte black on my crease and outer v, I've used a beige gold shade on my brow bone coupled with tons of kohl & mascara.

What do you think about the look? Love it-Hate it ? Comment & Tell :)
I need all the motivation possible to get me back to my favorite eye makeup project :)

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