Tuesday, June 12, 2012


NIVEA SUN LOTIONS-Feel Sun Safe with the World’s No.1 Suncare Brand!

You can’t avoid going out in the sun but when you step out in the sun, it starts damaging your skin and beauty. Prolonged sun exposure causes adverse effects on your skin which cannot be ignored. Many of us are aware of the harmful effects but avoid wearing sun protection because of its messy and oily nature that causes profuse sweating. Wouldn’t it be great to have a sunscreen lotion that understands your skin needs and provides you complete suncare protection while  being light & non-sticky to the touch?

NIVEA with its 100 years expertise in global skin care understands your needs and presents NIVEA Sun Lotions -  The World’s No.1 Sun care Brand * which will provide you the optimal sun protection so that stepping out in the sun is safer and hassle free!

NIVEA first introduced the world to SPF in 1975 & as a global expert on sun care provides complete solutions to combat the following harmful effects of sun exposure:
1.        Tanning
2.        Age spots,
3.        Age lines
      4.        Pigmentation

 NIVEA Sun expertise offers:
1.        Two grades of sun protection SPF 30 & SPF 50 for the Indian skin that belongs to photo type VI and tans easily to combat the tanning from  UVB rays
2.        Additional “PA++ with collagen protect” as UVA rays lead to ageing and age spots and only 5% protection against UV rays is provided through SPF protection
3.        A unique scent and light non-sticky, non-greasy texture which adds to the pleasure of applying sun lotions.
4.        An efficient quick absorbing formula for immediate protection. Hence there is no need to wait for 20 minutes before going out in the sun which is the usual myth.  

Experience NIVEA Sun the World’s No.1 Suncare Brand* which not only provides complete sun protection but is also a  pleasurable experience
NIVEA Sun Lotions – Sun Safe with the World’s No.1 Sun care Brand* !
NIVEA Sun Lotion
SPF 30 (75 ml)
Rs. 199/-
SPF 30 (125 ml)
Rs. 299/-
SPF 50+ (75 ml)
SPF 50+ (125ml)
Rs. 299/-
Rs. 399/-

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  1. Thank you or sharing the release, but I want an eye tute please :P

  2. Thanks for sharing this review. I have used Nivea products before this but somehow I have found it very oily. My skin is already very oily. recently at a supermarket, I cam across parachute advansed body lotion summer fresh. I checked the ingredients and found mint and coconut milk in it. Should be good for the summers because mint is always associated with summer and freshness.



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