Thursday, June 21, 2012

6 Gladiators at Jabong that have me drooling!

Ah the perils of online shopping, you can obsess over objects of your desire 24/7. I've been drooling over some really hot Gladiators at

Here are my Top 6 pairs of Gladiators, I'm totally itching to buy a pair, but can't seem to makeup my mind about which one to pick up? Ah choices...


Catwalk Black Gladiators- the sky high heels and jeweled clasps look divine & its at 50% Off!!

Before Rs. 2995 Now Rs. 1499 You save 50%

Catwalk Tan Gladiators looks chic and sophisticate,perfect to pair with a summery dress

Before Rs. 2995 Now Rs. 1499 You save 50%

 Enroute Women Brown Gladiators these flat glads look really comfy and that cage like gladiator design is all the rage

Price Rs. 1399

Jove Glads Red Gladiators to spark up my black, brown and beige infested shoe closet how about a cheery red pair of glads?

Price Rs. 749

Bronx Grey Gladiators-This pair looks so chic! I'm in love!

Before Rs. 1499 Now Rs. 1349 You save 10%

Catwalk Purple Gladiators- Hot pink Stilettos! O-M-G what else can a girl need?!

Before Rs. 2695 Now Rs. 1499 You save 44%



Comment & tell which Gladiator got you   drooling? 

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  1. I loved the black ones!!!! Btw: I jus bought 5 pairs of shoes on my last I m done shoe shopping at the moment and u jus tested my patience!! :p

    1. 5 pairs!! OMG I just died & went to shoe heaven!

  2. I loved first one.. but since i have no practice of walking in high heels, might end up breaking my ankle :P

    1. Aww i can totally understand I used to be in stiletos all the time, finally have traded my high heels for more comfy stuff. But that first pair is sensational!

  3. The tan one and the hot pink one

  4. Hey the first one is awesome...Catwalk has the same one in white ...even thats great!!:)



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