Tuesday, June 26, 2012

MAC Museum Bronze pigment review & swatches

Ever since I posted about my My MAC pigments and Paintpot samples haul, I was flooded with queries and review request for MAC's Museum bronze pigment. I finally decided to quit procrastinating and review this gorgeous pigment soon enough.

Pigments are the ultimate beauty multi-taskers and can be used as eye shadow, mixed with clear polish and used as nail varnish and some shades are also lip safe (not sure if Museum bronze is lip safe).

Launched as a part of MAC's Overrich collection / 2008,MAC describes Museum bronze as a Rich Taupe with Gold Pearl and is a Frost Finish.Personally I feel its a rich, shimmery,deep bronze gold metallic shade.The pigment has buttery smooth almost fluid texture.

The deep brown bronze gold metallic shade will look universally flattering on all skin tones, though warm skinned gals and duskier divas would totally love this one.On the lids it looks less bronze and more like antique gold shade. It has a beautiful metallic sheen and creates dimensional looks on your lids when you don't have time to do a full eye makeup with crease, contouring and blending.If you want to create sophisticate looks with this then use  a rich chocolate brown eyeshadow on the outer corner.

This is also perfect for teeming with rich colored eyeliners like navy, burgundy, emerald, turquoise or amethyst liners.The smooth texture & rich pigmentation mean that you don't need keep digging back and forth with your eyeshadow brush between your shadow pan and your lids. One single sweep will create perfect coverage on the lids.

Pros of MAC Museum bronze pigment

1.Gorgeous & versatile color
2.Extremely smooth and rich pigmentation,non gritty shimmer
3.Extremely low fall out
4.Works great even without a base
5.Lasts 6-7 hours without creasing o fading on lids (this wear time is in Delhi's heat)

Cons of MAC Museum bronze pigment

1.Price-At 1300/- bucks a pop these are pretty pricey!
2.Availability-Being a limited edition shade its not easily available in all MAC stores, I tried to locate the full size jar in 2 stores but couldn't get my paws on this one.
3.Reduced quantity-MAC earlier sold its pigments in old style packaging which contained 7.5 grams of product, the newer packaging albeit sleeker contains only 4.5 grams of product for the same price.Now that's a real bummer, if you like to get the best bang for your buck. Though even if you use this pigment very regularly it'll last you a lifetime.

I bought a half gram sample sized jar of Museum bronze for $ 2.79 (+International shipping) from

Here's a simple eye makeup look I did with Museum Bronze pigment.

Overall Thoughts- MAC Museum bronze pigment is one of the investment products and is a must have in your vanity, if you want to build a good makeup kit. It is extremely versatile shade and will suit most skin tones.Its great for creating subtle neutral looks as well as glamorous evening looks.Though pricey its worth buying a full jar of this baby.
Highly recommend it, if you spot it make sure you snag a pot of the bronze goodness :)

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  1. Mmmm.. Gold and purple! *Imagines next EOTD* Sounds amazing! That be a pretty colour. Quite versatile. :)

  2. Awesome shade! and lovin the bronze and purple combo!

  3. Museum Bronze is gorgeous. I love using this with the NARS Cordura duo.



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