Wednesday, June 27, 2012

IBC Exclusive Pics of The Body Shop's launch of Beauty with Heart ,sneak peek at New Products and more!!

Today I attended The Body Shop, one of the 21st Century’s most iconic and pioneering Brand's grand unveiling of a new beauty movement – called Beauty With Heart – that will inspire individuals everywhere and transform the boundaries of beauty.

"Beauty With Heart places emphasis on a beauty experience that is more than skin-deep, putting a human stamp on beauty and empowering people the world over to Look Good, Feel Good And Do Good. Beauty with Heart is our latest brand platform that connects with younger generations of consumers, keeping the values intact"

Beauty With Heart will spring to life through a new store experience called Pulse. The experiential store will highlight the radical products in a revamped form with attractive and stylish packaging.  

  Shriti Malhotra COO The Body Shop India anchored the event and shared the brand history & brand ethos.
Talking about the bringing the revolutionary beauty movement into India, Shriti Malhotra said, “2012 is a landmark year for us. We will complete 25 years of Community Fair Trade which incidentally started from Madurai in India. We celebrated our 6 year anniversary; starting this journey in India in 2006 we are now present in around 30 cities with over 80 stores. We are excited to launch ‘Beauty with Heart’ and we hope to create a unique and memorable experience that will engage, educate and inform our customers through this movement”.

     The Body Shop states "We travel to all four corners of the globe to make sure that we buy the highest quality, natural ingredients for our products.
But the way we do this is different from other beauty companies. As a pioneer in Community Fair Trade, The Body Shop improves and enriches the lives of the people all around the world."

·         The Body Shop was founded by Dame Anita Roddick, who said: "If business comes with no moral sympathy or honourable code of behaviours, then God help us all."

·         The Body Shop has over 2,700 stores in 63 countries worldwide

·         The Body Shop makes over 1,200 products, all powered by the highest quality natural ingredients

·         80% of The Body Shop products contain one or more Community Fair Trade ingredients, sourced with love and care from all four corners of the globe

·         The Body Shop welcomes over 275 million shoppers to their stores every year

·         Everything The Body Shop does revolves around the five Values, which is what truly sets it apart from any other retailer on the High Street

·         In the last 20 years, The Body Shop has donated over £19 million pounds to over 2,500 charities through The Body Shop Foundation, the charitable giving arm of The Body Shop

·         With over 25 Community Fair Trade suppliers in more than 20 countries, The Body Shop Community Fair Trade programme helps to positively impact the lives of over 300,000 people

·         The Body Shop remains grounded in its five Values, which are: Defend Human Rights, Activate Self Esteem, Support Community Fair Trade, Protect The Planet, Against Animal Testing

 Community trade based makeup products which are not tested on animals.

Wood Positive- TBS plants 2 trees for each one used in its manufacturing process.

TBS has successfully campaigned against Anti Sex Trafficking
 Guest trying out the products at the event
 Celeb speak!

The Venue for the event -Vatika Ballroom at Westin Hotel, Gurgaon

The Body Shop Products-
Go on Girls you have my permission to droooool !

Parental Guidance Advised- Looking at so many tempting treats might result in a head rush,you might get loopy and giggley or get an uncontrollable urge to rush to the TBS store-Right now!

The Body Shop Body butter cart!
The latest launch from TBS Beautifying oils

    Here’s a sneak preview at the new Body Mists-Body Mists in all your favourite classic The Body Shop product flavours.

The White Musk, Love etc & Dreams Unlimited range

 The Spa Fit range

Spa fit smoothing & refining body scrub


TBS Extra Virgin range, Honey Bronze dry oil and concealers

The fabulous TBS Makeup brushes

Activist, model and actor Lily Cole was announced as first ever global brand advocate of The Body Shop. Lily Cole exemplifies the sentiments attached with The Body Shop and is the embodiment of the brand’s strong values. Lily’s dedication to activism makes her an inspiring and progressive role model for people everywhere.
 As Lily was not present herself, her video message was played out,where she shared her experiences about her trip to Ghana which is one of the largest supplier of community trade raw materials used in many of TBS products.
The Latest range of Lily Cole Cruelty Free Makeup range due to hit the stores shortly
Lily Cole lip glosses,eyeshadow quads,illuminators
Lily Cole Lip glosses
Lily Cole Lip & Cheek tint
Glamorous Red peep toes! How pretty is that?!

After Vanity comes Gluttony & after the event a sumptuous feast was laid out for the invitees,followed by some decadent desserts!
Yours truly did manage to avoid the sugar cravings entirely  and didn't tuck in the desserts. Yes! Believe.

And finally to the grand unveiling of the new The Body Shop Pulse store

Interactive, forward-thinking and focused on beauty and community, our new Pulse boutiques are set to bring The Body Shop to a whole new generation of beauty-centric, values-savvy individuals.

Incorporating cutting edge design, top quality materials and natural imagery, the boutique-style Pulse store creates a warm, welcoming space to excite and enthuse people about The Body Shop products and Values.

Taking centre stage in every Pulse store are two natural, wooden Story Selling Tables containing products, make-up and a ‘create your own gift’ area. Acting as a dedicated interactive ‘island’ which invites customers to touch, smell and test products, the tables are a place for people to engage with store teams, discover new products and learn about The Body Shop Values.

What do you think about the new Pulse store? I think its a brilliant concept and I'm looking forward to trying tons and buying some goodies...TBS Pulse store here I come!
XOXO Pooja :)

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  1. WOWwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww pooja ... goddddd everything is looking soooo excitinggg :D :D

    1. :D :D :D Yes that event was a test of my will power-so many goodies- I'm still dizzy! :)

  2. Going through this post brought out a dormant disease in me which is often dominant. First it made me commit a cardinal sin called 'lust' . Some words like butters and strawberries triggered off my craving for food which was next titillated further by the wonderful sight of creamy chocolate desserts!
    Now, I am sure to suffer from a hysteria called 'shopping'.
    The store is so organized! Does the lip and cheek tint resemble Maybelline's bouncy blushes by any chance?
    I really cannot comprehend how you could stay away from the deserts! Lovely photos Pooja

    1. :D Trust me lust, vanity and gluttony all came together for me today at this event & it took all my willpower to resist temptation ;) The products looked so sinfully delicious! I didn't test the Lily cole range of lip/cheek tint so cant say if they are anything like Maybelline Bouncy blushes..

  3. Looks like an amazing event :) those peep toes are to die for :)

    1. It was a very nice event, though I wish they had invited more bloggers,would have loved to catch up with more blogger friends.Those peeps are really something! :)

  4. I am droolinggg at those deserts and everything chocolate :yumm: You sure had an amazing time..the Pulse store looks great..I am liking the look of cheek and lip tint..I hope its nice..

    1. :D yup the lip & cheek domed tints really looked tempting, hope to see them at the stores soon :)

  5. oh myy!! i'm loving everything. pulse..made my pulse faster!

    1. Giggles! Yes all those TBS goodies made my pulse faster!

  6. ohhh really want to visit a store ASAP ;)

  7. You lucky lucky gal!!!...And resisting desserts??? Respect lady!:D...the new store looks wonderful...eagerly waiting for the release of the Body Mists and Lily Cole's cute are those lip and cheek tints!

    1. He he yes I believe I earned that respect resisting such delicious treats wasn't easy & mind u I'm not just talking about the desserts!

  8. everything on ur post is pure torture!!!! and wow for resisting the desserts if u really did ;)

    1. Oh yes Missy I did resist! Oooh all those tempting body butters,beautifying oils, body mists oh my I'm feeling dizzy!

  9. I loved the parental advise thing :D drooling over the pics! awesome! so yummy looking desserts!!!

    1. He he :D yes dear temptation galore! I felt like a kid in a candy store

    2. He he :D yes dear temptation galore! I felt like a kid in a candy store

  10. A few of body shop products are really good like the body butter and cosmetics. I have always been an ardent believer of using natural products only for my skin and stick to lotions and body butter that have natural content. Off late, I have been trying Parachute Advansed body lotion summer fresh when I am out of my house. It has natural products like coconut milk and mint. When I get back, cleansing, toning and moisturizing is a must.



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