Monday, June 25, 2012

My Hair spa & Algae collagen Masque treatment at Lakme studio-And a walk down memory lane

Lakme` studio Vasant  Vihar & I go way back,its got a very special place in my heart 'coz it was here that I had walked in a clumsy tomboyish girl & stepped out a pretty princess all ready to say I do to my 'Prince Charming'!  

Yes you guess it right I got my Engagement makeup done from Lakme` studio Vasant Vihar (Delhi).
It feels only like yesterday in my memory but its been 4 long years & my skin & hair have borne the brunt of time & needed some serious TLC to bring back that glow.
So when Lakme` studio invited me to an experiential to try out their Algae Collagen Masque and Hair spa service it was more temptation I could deal with.

C'est Moi at Lakme` Studio (Vasant Vihar,Delhi)

I was welcomed by Heereima with some Fresh Cappuccino, Mmm it was delish  I was halfway through my cup before I put it down to click some pics :P
Heereima gave me the Algae collagen Masque treatment and her sweet friendly smile totally put me at ease quickly.

The service area, pretty in pink mosaic and pink towels! I loved that they offer disposable robes and utmost privacy.
The space age gizmo you see on the right side is ultrasonic facial massager (pretty hi tech stuff!)

Lakme Studios use custom created salon quality products that are not available in the retail market.

The Algae Collagen Masque (lavender colored extreme right) reduces any signs of pre-ageing, maturing and dehydration of the skin. It wipes out these signs with ingredients like Sea algae, Chondrus Crispus, Glycerin and Lavender Oil.  It nourishes, revitalizes and hydrates the skin in 30 minutes.

The service starts off with gentle cleansing and toning of the skin, thus ridding it of all the impurities like dust, grease and pollution.
This was followed by a rose water toner & then a special aloe vera gel was used to give me a gentle facial massage that put me completely at ease.The aloe vera gel used was Salon exclusive and Oh my! it was the best smelling and most soothing aloe vera gel I have ever used
Heerima then applied the algae masque on my skin.She then massaged my face with an ultrasonic facial massager for about 15 minutes which allowed the goodness of the masque to penetrate into my skin entrench it with its rich properties. The masque is then allowed to rest on my skin for 10 mins as I blissfully relaxed .
After removing the masque Heerima  reapplied rose water and moisturizer on my skin.
I touched my face and could instantly feel my skin was softer and supple. It also didn't feel dry or greasy / oily.I stepped out to admire my skin in natural light and could see a more cleared radiant complexion.

Next I headed for Hydra Indulgence Hair Spa, this service was handled by Mallika & Raju

Firstly I was given a short session of head massage followed by 2 rounds of shampooing with Moisture kick shampoo followed by deep conditioning by Raju

Next Mallika applied Moisture kick hair masque and gave head massage and then steamed my hair with hair masque on.
After the steaming ensured the product was absorbed well by my hair, I headed for another round of shampooing.

Next Mallika  sprayed Moisture kick spray conditioner on my hair (a leave in conditioner). She followed this with Osis + Magic serum and gave me a lovely blow dry, with big bouncy waves at the ends of my hair.

My hair felt so incredibly soft and smelled so nice that I couldn't keep my  fingers off my hair :P I totally loved the hair spa, my hair never appeared so voluminous and I was so happy to have big bouncy waves.

All the staff who attended to me were so friendly and sweet, they were not just pros at their work but very attentive to my needs. They actually listented to my feedback and went out of their way to make me feel comfortable. So a big tahnk you to Heereima , Mallika & Raju!

Here are my big bouncy waves in all their Big Hair glory!
Bare skin,except lipstick (sorry no can do without my lippie) pic clicked indoors in flashlight.

Hubby took one look at me and smiled & said "Honey you are glowing" ;) 

I blushed and felt the same rush when I first said 'I do' & he slipped 'The Ring' on my finger :) 

Four years,on thanks to Lakme` studio for rekindling our romance,I'll be back for some more pampering for sure :)

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  1. Poo..u look so simple n lovely..nice seeing ur pics..I have been to Lakme studio many times n i must say i jus lov the service..:)

    1. Thanks Preetha :) I went back to Lakme studio after ages as I don't hav one near my house. Was very happy with the pampering I got :)

  2. Lovely waves :) I just loved the way you explained and now I am going to search for the Lakme salon in chennai :D

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks a lot :) the spa treat seems to have worked!

  4. ARE glowing babes ;) And loved that bouncy hair too..

  5. wow, you look lovely! OMG you tempted me to visit a salon for these pampering treatments lol. Love your hair in the last pic!

    ♥Crazy Pop Lock♥

    1. Thanks Bharti! I usually don't indulge in such pampering but it was blissful will totally reccomnend :)

  6. aww so pretty Pooja...its the same necklace that you got when we went shoppping nah? A tiny tear almost came out...missing u dear :(

    1. Aww *hugs* come back to Delhi & we'll go shopping! U guessed it right we picked this necklace together from lifestyle :)

  7. Awwww such a cute comment, you seriously glowing! I would love take this facial and spa too!

    1. :) Thanks Manya, Good to hear from you.A girl has got to spa and now is the time :)

  8. OMG your hair looks fabulous!

  9. you are looking cutieeeeee pie Pooja XOXO :D:D and your hairrrrrr ahhhhhh i cant stop looking at those locks i mean soft curls ...dear :D am hookedddddd

  10. u look fab and ur hair is really pretty!

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