Saturday, June 2, 2012

My MAC pigments and Paintpot samples haul & shopping experience at The Body Needs2

I wanted to try some MAC pigments for long,so picked up some MAC Pigments, paintpots and cream color samples from (a.k.a TBN2 in the rest of the post)

Here's all the stuff I got!

TBN2 is an online retailer they sell all types of authentic MAC product samples and their own range of pigments, blushes, eyeshadows and so on. I read some good reviews about the site at Spektra and decided to place an order. I did have a nagging worry what if the products are fake or items get lost in International transit. But thankfully all my worries were unfounded, the products are all authentic and the items reached in perfect condition.
The MAC samples I picked are half gram products sold in a 5 gram transparent jars with screw tops and sifters.I paid $25.31 for all these samples and $11.95 for the international shipping.

They also sell half gram tubes of MAC lipsticks- so if you have been dying to sample some crazy colors but worried that it might not work out for you this is a good way to sample them and makeup up your mind.

They also sell MAC tinted lip conditioner samples,fixing poders, cleaners, brush cleaners etc.

You get a very vast variety of paintpots, paints (I can never seem to find more than 3 shade of paints in the MAC store near my house..) fluidlines etc
Last but not the least the best picks from the store are the pigments. 
These cost a fortune here in India and if you do buy one you can be rest assured even your grand daughter won't be able to finish the jar.
So if you want to try loads of colors, pigment samples is the way to go. Each jar contains half gram of sample which is good enough quantity for 12-15 eye makeup looks.

The pros of 
  •  Stocks genuine MAC products samples-I didn't come across any bloopers in my order.
  • Stocks not only the pigments but also lipsticks (remoulded in to mini lipstick tubes),MAC paints, fluid lines and a whole bunch of other MAC stuff
  • Reasonably priced
  • They often run promotions (they had 30% off store wide 2-3 days back Sorry I missed posting abut it)
  • Items were neatly packaged in clear transparent jar with product name mentioned at the base,all jars come with sifters which is so great 'coz it would mean no wasted pigments.
The cons
  • The processing time is quite long it took almost 1 week from the date of purchase to when the items were shipped to me. Though the actual shipping time was only about 6-7 days.
  • The products in stock keep changing pretty quickly I wanted to buy a few samples of Nubile and treasure hunt paintpot, but within a day those were sold out.
And now for some Serious eye candy!

MAC Copper sparkle pigment sample-Beautiful shade looks like flecks of real copper in a jar!

MAC Museum Bronze Pigment sample- This is just so beautiful I totally heart this & highly recommend this shade. I tried and Eye makeup look and the bronze shade is so beautiful and versatile- Must Have in your collection Girls!

MAC pigment Golden Olive- This shade is so awesome! I could stare at it for hours!

MAC Teal pigment sample

 MAC stilife paint sample- I totally totally love this one, and I'm going to get a full size of this soon! Perfect for those bright peepers!
  MAC cream Color base Hush sample can be used as a highlighter

MAC paintpot Rubensque and Constructivist. Rubensque is a beautiful peachy gold and Constructivist is dark chocolate brown with metallic sheen.

Overall Thoughts- I think MAC samples is a very nifty way to try out quite a few MAC products without busting your budget. Its also great that you can try out the products few times to know if it works for you before you commit to a full size bottle.I personally would love to try out more MAC samples and maybe some bold lipstick shades (So chaud! I'm coming!!)

Would you like to buy MAC products samples in India & if yes which products and shades would you like to try?

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  1. What a haul! I had heard of this site ( from beauty gurus),but what does a girl without credit card do, but stare and drool? :(

    Lovely haul. Hope you come up with more EOTDs soon :)

    1. A girl without a credit card need not be sad, mail me your wish list I'll see what I can do. I tried an EOTD with museum gold it's seriously beautiful, total love :) will post it soon

    2. Pooja, I did not expect this coming. Thank you so much!!! and I would take this offer. Shall get in touch with you through mail.
      Btw, can you review the pigments please? I am eyeing the bronze. I am still a MAC virgin and I always find myself in a dilemma. But, since I am looking for an antique gold, making a list of brands and shortlisting would be really good for me.

      You already did an eye makeup? Come on, share it please. You know what? I learnt a lot from your eye makeup images.

  2. DROOOOOOOOOOOOOLIN!!!! I am so so jealous...I need those gorgeous pigments in my life

    1. Pigments samples coming right up, tell me which shades u want :)

  3. u call it a haul?I call it a loot..:)..amazing stuff u got girl...constructivist n that teal pigment r calling me..:)

    1. Hehe I know I was understating when I called it a haul :)

  4. OMG! Those pigments look superb :)

    1. Yay I'm totally bowled over by the pigments they are so beautiful and texture is fine like fluid silk!

  5. Wowww these are just awesome yaar! I lust so many things but as i dont have credit card, cant order anything! :(

    1. Yes I know dear, which shades are you interested in amongst the pigments?

  6. the pigments are so droolworthy!! why dont these international sites accept debit cards :(( ??

    1. Aww I feel sad that u can't place an order.. Which samples did you like the most?

  7. Bronze is gorgeous..I can so do with these samples..I never ever would finish any make up stuff in my life ! Samples are so perfect for me..Thanks for sharing..there are so many sites out there but we can never know if they are genuine..since you have I know..Thanks :)

    1. Yes same here even I can never seem to finish my makeup ever. These pigment samples are such a great way to try out bunch of different shades, totally loving these

  8. hi pooja,
    even i dnt have a credit card. is it possible for me to get in touch with you if i want sumthin? im nt a blogger but a big make up enthusiast. i have guest blogged for mehals blog.plz let me knw if i can nail u n thanks in advance.u hav an amazin blog

  9. Pooja,

    Thank you for a wonderful review!

    Can you use PayPal in India? TBN does accept PayPal if you do not have a credit card.


  10. if anyone wants MAC or other beauty products so kindly check the page on instagram @ beingbeautyqueen for indian people they have a very good option



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