Sunday, March 4, 2012

Ponds Age Miracle Cell ReGEN Day Cream

This cute little baby sized pot of beauty potion promises to make you look ' Up to 10 years younger' so does it deliver the punch? Let's find out..

First off this its tiny adorable size won my heart, it's tiny enough to fit in my everyday beauty kit, easy to travel with and works hard at delivering what it promises. 

Ponds has launched this in a new & improved version of its Age miracle day cream earlier it was called Daily Resurfacing Cream SPF 15 PA++ with advanced CLA4 complex.

What Ponds Claims about the cream-

 Ingredients- I compared the ingredient list on the previous & supposedly '*NEW* packaging, couldn't spot any differnce in the ingredient list though.

 The cream has a very light pink color, mild fragrance and non greasy texture.

The cream is nice and reasonably thick ( has a whipped cream texture). It has SPF 15 which means you;d still need separate sunscreen. The cream contains fine micro glitter which adds luminosity to the skin. It gives a nice semi- matter finish on my combination skin. My skin has been very dry & flaky of late and I often use a light moisturizer underneath this, on its own it not deeply hydrating.

Upon blending the cream forms a nice glow(y) finish to the skin, it looks visibly radiant & slightly luminous. In bright sun light on close inspection you'll be able to spot some micro glitter as well.

Overall Thoughts- It's a great everyday face cream if you are looking for a radiant glow and non-greasy finish. The price point (INR 99 for 10 grams) at which this tiny tub of cream is available makes it possibly one of the most affordable and effective anti aging cream in India.You can try this out without committing to a full size jar, so that's a huge plus.Its works great on my skin & while it doesn't make me look a decade younger it adds a nice happy glow to my skin and makes it feel soft & supple. I'd recommend it, though if you are looking for industrial strength anti-aging solution I'd suggest you couple this with the Ponds Age Miracle Daily Resurfacing serum.

Have you tried Ponds Age miracle Day Cream? Do share your experience

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  1. Looks like a promising product! With time, you can figure our more I think!

    1. I've been using the Age miracle range for almost 4-5 yrs (if memory serves me right) and this particular day cream I've been using for almost 3 months now (keep re-buying the tiny pack as the big jar is bulky)Its quite good and works very well. Do try you'd like it :)

  2. Can I use this??? I am 17 :O

    1. Sweetheart- you are still in your teens enjoy the naturally youthful skin, there's still time before you'd need anti aging skin care :)

  3. Hey.. uhm..which age group must I be in to actually use this? I will be 22 this June 2013..
    Also, if not..anything I should be already doing to slow down the ageing issues later on?

  4. Anti-aging creams and products are available a large vary nowadays and you may got to resolve what's best suited for your skin to get pleasure from nice results along with your efforts. There are ingredients that have anti-aging properties and create quality product for your skin. Best Anti Ageing Creams



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