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The Body Shop introduces New Born Lippy this season

Let your lips ‘pop’ with colour this Holi!
The Body Shop introduces New Born Lippy this season

Born Lippy bursts back onto the scene this Holi to moisturize lips and give a splash of colour and flavour. Flaunting six new lip balm sticks and a playful redesign of the popular Born Lippy jars, Born Lippy is cheeky, daring, and bold, just like the spirit of the Holi season! Got an opinion? Shout it out loud with Born Lippy! Run-of-the-mill lip balms move over! Born Lippy expertly marries superb hydration with a touch of sheer colour.

The month of March is much looked forward to, with the arrival of summers.  The colors of Holi bring along with it the spirit of joy, naughtiness, passion  and the festive aura. Celebrations just get bigger and better, and what better way to add to the celebrations? Keeping the occasion in mind UK retailer brand re-launched the loved Born Lippy Lip Balms in two different formats with an added benefit of colour tint! Enriched with Community Fair Trade ingredients, thirsty lips are treated to a healthy shot of moisture...and with so many delicious flavours, you’ll want to collect them all. Stick or pot, the choice is yours. Make a statement with your selection and let your personality shine through! Which one will you choose today?

The Stick
Young and fresh, these brand new, juicy and delicious lip balm sticks will truly make your pout ‘pop’ with six delicious flavours. Pomegranate, Strawberry, Plum and Pink Berry will leave a lingering sweetness on your lips, while the indulgent Lychee and Toffee are sensationally sweet. With their fashion-forward packaging, these sticks look as great in your handbag as they do on your lips.

The Body Shop has given Born Lippy jars a bold make-over, revitalising the ever popular flavours of Strawberry, Raspberry, Passion Berry, Watermelon, Pink Guava and Satsuma, giving you a touch of colour with a burst of moisture – gorgeous lips start here!

Priced at Rs.345

What does your Born Lipy say about you?
According to ancient tradition, your favorite fruit says more about you thank you think! How will you shout it out loud?

Pomegranate Exotic and outlandish, you have a unique way with words
Raspberry Charming and accommodating, what you have to say will always please others
PLUM A mysterious girl, with many secrets to share... what will you tells today?
Passion berry you’re the flirtatious type who likes to tease
PINK BERY The classic character with a twist, you’ll conform... and then confront!
Satsuma Fiercely loyal, you’ll protect those around you with strong words and a loud roar!
Toffee Caring and nurturing, what you have to say is for the best of others
Watermelon Cheerful and happy, you’ll shout, laugh and giggle
LYCHEE Playful as a kitten, you play word games all day
PINK guava Going somewhere? You’re adventurous and outgoing... and have opinions to match

The Body Shop International plc is the original ethical cosmetics company, now operating more than 2,500 stores in over 60 markets worldwide. The Body Shop®. has constantly sought out wonderful natural ingredients from all four corners of the globe to bring you products bursting with effectiveness, to enhance your natural beauty. We strive to use our planet’s resources wisely, searching for outstanding natural materials and ingredients from across the globe to include in our range of products. We continue to lead the way, sourcing sustainable palm oil, introducing 100% recycled packaging, and raising funds and awareness to help prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS, and continuing to support marginalised communities around the world through our Community Trade fair trade programme.
For over 30 years The Body Shop® has believed that business has the power to make the right kind of difference to the world. Our unique philosophy continues to drive everything we do, allowing our customers around the world to become ‘activists’, simply by choosing from our range of products.  As Dame Anita Roddick said: “Activism isn’t listed on The Body Shop labels as an ingredient, but it is there as surely as the bergamot and hemp oil”.

Community Fair Trade
A purchase from our Community Fair Trade programme can put a smile on faces as far away as Ghana, Nicaragua, Italy and India - improving the financial security, comfort and health resources available to farmers, producers and their families in more than 20 countries. In 1987 we launched our pioneering Community Fair Trade programme which now directly benefits over 25,000 people, as we seek to provide a fairincome, for work in fair conditions, for all those involved in this unique programme. Our commitment to Community Fair Trade continues to grow, with 75% of our products including the benefits of Community Fair Trade.

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