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Dia Mirza at The Body Shop Select City walk unveils Top 10 Iconic products!

Dia Mirza Brand Ambassador The Body Shop India Unveiled the top 10 iconic product from the brand at The Body Shop Store in select city walk.

The Body Shop® celebrated the TOP 10 cult products that have withstood the test of time and emerged as iconic best-sellers. Dia explained why she is totally addicted to them.

Winning the hearts of our customers across the world, 10 special products have stood out.The Body Shop India celebrated these icons with their Brand Ambassador Dia Mirza and The Body Shop® loyal customers from across India who shared their love for these cult products!

Dia Mirza at The Body Shop Store in Select City Walk
Dia Mirza Unveiled the 10 iconic products from The Body Shop

On being asked about The Body Shop® Journey, Shriti Malhotra- COO, The Body Shop India said: “The Body Shop® has been synonymous with naturally-inspired products since it first opened in 1976.  From the initial 25 hand-mixed products, the range has grown to over 1,200 products, all 100% vegetarian and animal cruelty-free.   What’s more, 80% of our products contain Community Fair Trade natural ingredients, all bursting with effectiveness.  Today is a landmark celebration for us, where we announce our iconic Top 10 products!”

Shriti Malhotra COO The Body Shop India with Dia Mirza Brand Ambassador The Body Shop India

Savita Kaushik Dhami Marketing HeadThe Body Shop India

Dia Mirza at the event, confessed her positive addiction to these products: “For as long as I can remember, I have been a great fan of The Body Shop®. I am like that passionate beauty fanatic who is totally addicted to the best naturally inspired beauty products of The Body Shop®. I am proud to be a part of the brand and this event to announce The Body Shop’s top 10 and which are my favorite too” says Dia.

Moringa Body Butter
Mention the words “Body Butter” and The Body Shop® immediately springs into the mind.  We were the first company to launch a Body Butter in the early 1990s and it fast became a cult product all over the world.  Our Body Butter is made using a unique process, very similar to chocolate-making, to create the perfect buttery texture.  Shea butter, a key moisturising ingredient in the range, was discovered by The Body Shop® Founder Anita Roddick, while making a TV programme in Ghana about women entrepreneurs. 
Most loved in Asia is our Moringa (Mogra is the Indian name of Moringa) Body Butter.  Formulated with Moringa seed oil from hand-picked moringa pods, it has a delicate floral fragrance and moisturises for up to 24 hours

White Musk® Eau De Toilette
Launched in 1981, not only was our White Musk® fragrance an instant best-seller, it also represented a landmark in the fragrance industry since it was one of the first animal cruelty-free musks, made without harming the musk deer.  Musk remains one of the most expensive natural products in the world, three to five times more valuable than gold, which has fuelled an illegal trade worldwide.  160 musk deer have to be killed for 1 kg of musk.

Our synthetic musk is a real hit, with one White Musk® product sold every 2 seconds in Asia*.
*Figure based on global sales from January to September 2010

Tea Tree Oil

Dia Mirza with her favourite Tea Tree Oil from The Body Shop

Our best-selling Tea Tree Oil is a natural solution to help keep skin blemish-free without over-drying the skin. The Community Fair Trade oil from Kenya comes in a handy, instantly recognisable bottle that has become a ‘must-have’ in every home.  Hand-picked to ensure purer oil, the benefits of the Tea Tree Oil make it truly multi-functional and beyond clearing blemishes, our customers have found many other uses for it, including dabbing on mosquito bites, applying on cuts and scrapes, cleaning make-up brushes, bathing, foot soaks and even massaging.  We like to think of it as a ‘genie in a bottle’.

*Figure based on 52-week global sales until 28 February 2011

Spa Wisdom™ Africa Ximenia & Salt Scrub
Inspired by African beauty rituals, traditions and ingredients, The Spa Wisdom™ Africa Ximenia & Salt Scrub has been the number one best-seller in Asia over past 6 years.   The Ximenia oil used is a traditional hair and skincare conditioner and softener for tribeswomen in Botswana, Namibia and South Africa.

This luxuriously creamy cleansing exfoliator give results in silky smooth skin and allows our customers to create a pampering spa experience in their own home, when time doesn’t allow an escape to a resort.

*Based on retails sales in Asia Pacific over past 6 years from 2006 to 2011.

Vitamin E Moisture Cream
Our Vitamin E range has been a bestseller for 35 years.  Our most popular day cream is enriched with Vitamin E, one of nature’s most potent emollients and antioxidants. It effectively moisturises and softens skin, protecting it against the effects of harsh environmental elements and the appearance of pre-mature ageing.  It is perfect for normal to dry skin types, easily absorbed and has the lightness of a lotion with the moisturising benefits of a cream.

When women all over the world are totally addicted to a single product, it can only mean one thing – the product really works!  Based on a survey of over 2,000 women around the world**, the number one thing they liked about this cream is that “it’s effective and it really works”.  With one bottle sold every 16 seconds, the numbers say it all.

*Figure based on 52-week global sales until 28 November 2011
**Based on a 2011 survey of 2,247 women in the UK, US and Hong Kong.

Strawberry Shower Gel
Amongst our highly popular shower gels, Strawberry is one of the favourites amongst our customers in Asia.  It also has one of our favourite stories behind it.

Whilst walking through the supermarket jam aisle for strawberry seedless jam, one of our employees wondered ‘what happens to the strawberry seeds?’  Further investigation revealed that they were just thrown away. 
We found that these seeds can be squeezed to extract the fabulously fruity oil that smells divine and is so good for the skin.  We now take the unwanted seeds away from producers of strawberry jam and use them in our Strawberry range. This is another great example of recycling from The Body Shop®.

All-In-One Face Base
All-In-One Face Base is our number one selling foundation in Asia for a good reason.  This quick and easy-to-use combined foundation and powder provides fabulous coverage.  It can be used dry for a light matte finish or wet for higher coverage.

This foundation contains Marula Oil which has remarkable moisturising and conditioning properties.  We were one of the first companies to use this ingredient in our make-up, creating products that are very easy to blend and feel light weight on the skin. 
What’s more, our Community Fair Trade partnership with The Eudafano Women’s Cooperative is 100% owned by women and 100% run by women.  That’s what we mean by ‘girl power’, from start to finish.

Tea Tree Skin Clearing Foaming Cleanser
Our customers can’t get enough of the Tea Tree range.  The Tea Tree Skin Clearing Foaming Cleanser is a refreshing instant foaming cleanser with added peppermint essential oil which cools and refreshes the skin, leaving it feeling tingly clean.  In addition to Community Fair Trade Tea Tree Oil, it contains Tamanu Oil from Madagascar, which has fantastic skin moisturising properties to help stop skin drying out whilst you cleanse, and lemon tea tree from Kenya, which gives the product a zesty fragrance.

Vitamin E Eye Cream
Another favorite from our Vitamin E family, this moisturising eye cream helps protect the delicate skin around the eye area, reducing the appearance of fine lines and puffiness leaving skin feeling soft and smooth.
The cream contains light-deflecting particles to minimise the appearance of dark circles – think of it as a shield of invisible mirrors on your skin, reflecting the light making you look radiant.
White Musk® Smooth Satin Body Lotion
The White Musk® range includes another top 10 product, the Smooth Satin Body Lotion. This light, sink-in sensual moisturiser has a smooth-as-satin texture that glides over your skin, leaving it feeling velvety-soft to touch and subtly scented.

About The Body Shop®
The Body Shop International plc is the original, naturally-inspired and ethical beauty brand, with more than 2,700 stores in over 66 markets worldwide. The Body Shop® seeks out wonderful natural ingredients from all four corners of the globe to deliver products bursting with effectiveness, to help enhance your natural beauty. By striving to use the planet’s resources wisely, The Body Shop® searches for outstanding natural materials and ingredients from across the globe to include in its range of products. The Body Shop® is proud to have been the first beauty brand to have brought the benefits of fair trade to the beauty industry through its own unique Community Fair Trade programme, to have introduced 100% recycled packaging, and to raise funds and awareness on key issues of the day, including the sex trafficking of the most vulnerable in our society, children and young people.

The Body Shop® has received the recognition from organizations including the British RSPCA, Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, having been proudly awarded the prestigious RSPCA ‘Lifetime Achievement Award 2009’, “in recognition of the significant contribution, the company has made in helping to achieve a ban on animal testing and in particular the work carried out by its late founder Dame Anita Roddick.” In addition, The Body Shop is pleased that its products continue to win illustrious awards and accolades internationally. The brand continues to be cited as an ‘ethical’ brand.

Community Fair Trade
A purchase from The Body Shop® can put a smile on faces as far away as Ghana, Nicaragua, Italy and India – improving the financial security, comfort and health resources available to farmers, producers and their families in more than 20 countries.

In 1987, we launched our pioneering Community Fair Trade programme which now positively impacts over 300,000 people, as we seek to provide a fair income, for work in fair conditions, for all those involved in this unique programme. Our commitment to Community Fair Trade continues to grow, with 80% of our products including the benefits of Community Fair Trade.   In 2012, we celebrate our 25th anniversary of this meaningful programme.

P.S- I love Dia's luminous skin and her nude peachy dress and  coral neck piece are to die for!

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  1. How does she always look so damn pretty! It's amazing! I swear by TBS's Strawberry Shower gel. :D

    1. Seriously i love her peaches & cream complexion!. Strawberry shower gel's my favorite too! :)

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