Monday, March 26, 2012

Parrot inspired EOTD

As a kid I had a feisty pet talking parrot,we found it when it was really small with a broken wing, we nursed him & he lived up to a grand old age.I named it 'Pattu' yeah I know not very innovative name, but back in the day pets had simple names (compare that to the modern day pet names-my hubby plans to name his next Labrador puppy -Leonidas I  !!!)
 Mr. Pattu was one talkative fellow and could swear like a Sailor and whistle a tune or two, he loved his green chilies and loved to repeat my mom's scolding right back at me like a tape record.

Ok I know you must be scratching your head, about why I'm talking about parrots & pets on a Beauty Blog?! Well you see I was feeling a bit nature inspired this weekend & I decided to do a Parrot inspired eye makeup look & here's how it turned out.

 This look was inspired by Red necked Green Indian Parrot
Products I used in this look, (I've reviewed most of these products on my blog, if you want to read more about them just hit the Search tab on my Blog.)
  • 120 Eyeshadow palette-matte green and shimmery aqua shadows
  • Glamor Doll eyeshadows Island chic used on lower lashline
  • Coastal scents Hot pot-Buttercup peach (you can use any matte nude eyeshadow)
  • NYX HD Eyeshadow base
  • MAC select moisturecover concealer NC 45
  • Maybelline Hypercurl mascara
  • False eyelashes from KKCenterHK & QVS Eyelash glue
  • Maybelline colossal kajal
  • Coastal scents Eyeshadow brushes

I'll be posting some very interesting & hopefully unique eye makeup looks and I'll share the inspiration behind each look,guess this will be a mini series in my Project 101 Eye makeup look.

Comment & let me know your thoughts on the look. :)

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  1. its soooo awesome girl! totally loved it! you used guiding tape for this?

  2. Love how vivid it is! I think you captured the colours perfectly!

  3. this is so beautiful! what a fantastic look to do with green eyeshadow! x

  4. My brother wanted to name our dog sher-khan courtesy talespin!;)

  5. one of your prettiest looks so far :)

  6. Pretty!!! I think the colors're my fav :) x

  7. I like pattu inspired eye!! green never looked better esp on eyes. and I like the name Leonidas as well :p

  8. this is stunningggg Pooja XOXO :D :D ... loveddd the color placement and how visible they are :D



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