Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Lakme Eye color quartet Desert Rose

Lakme Eye color quartets were one of the revolutionary products from Lakme` stable when first launched I think around 3-4 years back. The extremely fine texture of the shadows, beautiful shade selection and nice metallic and pearlescent finish meant these shadows soon became bestsellers. 
Now the Indian market has a slew of brands flooding in latest products and the choice is enormous, lets see how does this old war horse from Lakme fair in the eyeshadow fight.

The Packaging-The product packaging though pleasing to the eyes is not sturdy and my eyeshadows have borne the brunt of poor packaging by crumbling.The display makes the quad easy to find in the makeup kit ,yet they wont survive the rough & tumble of travel. The applicators provided in the kit are of no practical use.
The shades-The Desert Rose palette has a winning combination of beautiful shades.The 2nd shade from right the peachy copper is a gorgeous shade has an almost foiled effect. The light creamy yellow shade is a good highlight color, the light pink doesn't translate to well on the skin and the metallic sheen makes the pink barely discernible. The dark bronze shade is quire rich and can be used for teeming up with bridal / Indian ethnic attire.

Swatches on bare skin without base.

Here's eye makeup look I did using the Desert Rose quartet

Overall Thoughts- Priced at INR 440/- Its a good quad of wearable shadows if you starting out with makeup and want to do some everyday looks.The powdery texture results in a lot of fall out and the staying power without a eye primer/shadow base is not very good. That being said it is still a good palette to have in your collection as the shade selection is very pretty versatile.I'd say this old warrior holds its ground very well.I'd recommend you check it out.

Have you tried Lakme eye color quartet, what are your thoughts?

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  1. I have this one and i love it a lot! I also have tanjore rush, silk route and botanica from them, they are awesome!

    1. Wow Manya- you seemed to have snagged the whole collection!!

  2. Replies
    1. Yup Beena, I think most of us makeup addicts in India have one of these quads! ;)

  3. ur eyes look so sexy!!!!!!!!omg !



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