Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Eye makeup look of the day- 'Drunk & Bruised'

I know the melodramatic post title would have left you wondering if I've turned in to a victim of domestic abuse or joining up 'Alcoholics Anonymous'. Absolutely not I'm not heading in Ms. Lohan's way.

This amazing eyeshadow from Glamor Doll Eye called ' Bruised' has been sitting on my vanity for ages & begging for my attention.So to do justice to it I wanted to create a Blue-n-Black EOTD. I decided to couple a shimmery black shadow from Deborah eyeshadow trio with  Bruised which is a purple based eyeshadow with turquoise and aqua green reflects

Here's how the 'Drunk & Bruised' look turned out.

Products Used-

Revlon eyeliner pencil-Black used on upper & lower lashline
Deborah Milano Trio High Tech Eyeshadow- Black Dahlia- glittery black color used all over eyelid
Glamor Doll Eyeshadow Bruised- Used on lower lash line and inner corner
Maybelline Colossal Mascara
QVS Lash glue
Oriflame eyelash curler

Hope you enjoyed the look- leave a comment behind & share your thoughts :)

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  1. It doesn;t look Drunk and Bruised, it looks just SEXY!!!! Yeah, the name is quite k***ka*s But its cool! So of the 100 volumes eye looks which number is it? I wonder what more you have in store. I am actually liking each of these eye looks!

    Btw wanted to ask, my eye makeups, however intense they are, always shows up just as a wash of color. How do you get things look so intense in the image?

    1. He he! its 'sexy drunk & bruised' LOL ;D I think this the 14th EOTD from project 101 eye makeup looks.. wait till tomorrow you'll flip out when you see my next EOTD (he he I love how mysterious it sounds:D)

      Oki regarding your query-eye shadow colors usually look washed out in pics, so for photography purpose you need to do 3 things

      1.Always use a primer-it makes the shadows POP. Also use a cream base (u can use an eyeliner pencil in same shade as the shadow) to create a base to help the shadows to stick better to the eyelids and colors will look vibrant.
      2.Apply shadows using patting motion with a flat shadow brush / sponge tipped applicator, do not sweep and blend glittery shades,else it'll look muddy.
      3.Check the Macro setting of your camera for close ups and see if your camera has a vivid mode to capture colors more intensely.

      Hope this helps :)

  2. Superb work! Very pretty! Your eylashes look good!

    1. ooh I'm wearing the falsies! Wish my real lashes were this awesome :p

  3. WOW!! jus Wow!! how i'd wish I caught u when u came to mumbai to teach me how to do some of the magic u do

    1. Gee thanks! Next time I'm in Mumbai I'll give you a holler, you teach me how to do those fancy schmancy mani and I'll tell you all my eye makeup tricks!



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