Thursday, February 2, 2012

OMG I'm in Love!! Parachute Advansed Pre-Valentines Gift Hamper

Hello my cupcakes! Winter is one the wane and Love is in the air...Valentine's two weeks away (Hubby Dear please pay attention this is specially for you) so what does a Girl want? 
  • Chocolates? Yes! 
  • Scented candles? Tick!
  • Love songs? Got it!
  • Lovely lotions potions- Oh yeah!
So guess what I got in mail y'day? A pre-Valentine's special Gift hamper from Parachute Advansed filled with all these goodies in a beautiful Peach box with ribbons and bows!
Dear Hubby collected my package and wondered (read worried!) if I acquired a secret admirer who sent me Valentine gift!!!! LOL!! ;D *Evil Laugh*

Don't you love the peachilicious packaging! Peach box & peachy satin ribbons & bow just made my day ! :D

The Gift box came with a collection of 51 Love songs (aptly titled OMG I'm in love xx), and a lots of handmade chocolates and pink floral scented tea lights.Oh my this is perfect treat in the run up to the Valentine's Day.

( I'm listening to Annie's song right now! ... you fill up my senses ...mmm I'm in love with this song)

And the star of the goodie box the Parachute Advansed Body lotions in two variants- Dry skin /Intense care & All Season / Gentle care.Both these body lotions contain coconut milk which provides superior nourishment to the skin.I'll take these lotions for a test drive for about a week and report back with detailed product review.

(If want to try these lovely lotions they are available in various package sizes and in very pocket friendly prices)
Wish you a great day ahead-Stay Beautiful :)

Pooja (Btw- Gossip Girl followers do you know the latest episode of Gossip Girl (aired in USA currently ) just revealed who Gossip Girl really is? And OMG its a shocker- So should I let out the secret? comment & let me know )

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  1. oh, how sweet! :) so for you love is not only in the air this year ;)

  2. Nice! Lucky you! Looks like Valentine's came early for you this year! Hope you will be posting up the review of the parachute advansed body lotion soon.

  3. ah u lucky girl!! such a beautiful gift! everything a girl needs on vals day! I love the fun way your wrote the post too lol...made me smile! haha! gossip girl...oh my god i didnt know they revealed it!! nooooo please dont tell me!! i have been saving all this seasons episodes to watch them all in one (or three lol) megasessions of lazy girls days at home lol. I think that day has actualy arrived now cos now thar you told me I cant wait!! im actually going over to my bff's place today to hang out all day and stay over so will def have to make a start. ok im talking tooo much soz


  4. Seriously that's a really neat and sweet gesture from them! How's the parachute body lotion? Have you managed to try it yet? I've been reading and hearing great things about it from my friends who think its a great moisturizer!



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