Saturday, February 18, 2012

Inglot Freedom system lipstick 86 review and lip swatch

Inglot freedom system's creamy lipsticks, great pigmentation and sensational range of colors are enough to make any lipstick Diva's heart beat faster.
Inglot's freedom system lipstick number 86 is a stunning vintage plum shade with a hint of pink.The shade would look great on most Indian skin tones and I feel duskier beauties would totally rock it.

 In the pan the lippie looks like a berry- plum with very finely milled shimmer.

 But swipe it on your skin and the color comes alive. (swatched on NC 45 skin)

Inglot freedom system lipsticks are intensely pigmented and you can use these as a lip stain as well. After 2 tissue swipes this is the intensity of color still remaining behind.This should give you an idea that Inglot means business when it comes to pigmentation.

Lip swatches- No lipliner, lip balm or gloss used in these pics.Unlike other lipsticks where you need liner/gloss to make it work, Inglot freedom system lipsticks are creamy enough on their own and don't feather or bleed without a lip liner. 
I personally found Inglot freedom system lipstick smoother and creamier than Inglot's regular full sized lippies (the shades are different in pans and full sized lippies)

The lippie is Paraben free and not tested on animals.1.2 gram refill pan costs INR 250/- I bought mine from during their 20% off sale.

To Buy or not to buy?- Inglot Freedom system lipsticks are great for trying a range of shades and the quality of these lippies mean they are best value for money, specially if you want to venture into bolder shades but don't want to commit to a full size lippie.Highly recommend it!

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  1. Replies
    1. Me too- I love Inglot freedom system lippies- except MAC (matte & amplified lipsticks) I cant think of any brand that matches Inglot's pigmentation

  2. Super sexy color <3

    Twitter: @meghasarin

  3. I have this color and it so gorgeous on you..honestly i still haven't had the heart to wear it as its a bit too dark for me but i must get out of my comfortable zone and try this today itself! how do you click pics so beautifully?

    1. Arrey sweetheart- if you are not going to wear these bright shades now,then when will you? you won't be wearing them when you turn a granny!Go on try it on I'm sure it will look stunning on you.
      Photography- well go out in the balcony / next to open window in bright day light, go click -click-click after you click some 10-12 close up shots you can pick out the pics which have turned out well. Check the Macro setting of your camera before clicking close up shots

  4. you have got me hooked onto these. Btw, is it true that the lipsticks are available only online? I mean the freedom system ones?

    1. Oh these babies have got me hook, line & sinker! The freedom system lipsticks are available in stores also, however you have to buy a palette (of 5 or 10 pan palette) and then fill it completely in store.Most often I can't pick out 5 or 10 shades in one go and I like to use free standing palettes so I often buy these refill pans online. But you can definitely check out the stores and try the shades before buying :)

    2. huh? matlab? say I don't want to buy a palette at all but only the refills I mean the lipsticks, won't they sell it?

    3. Yes, you got it right, they won't sell you refill pans alone in the store unless you buy 5/10 pan palette first.Else you need to carry your existing Inglot freedom system empty palette along (to prove you have an Inglot palette)to buy refills from store.

      You can buy refills online without buying the mandatory palettes.The price of the refill pans is low,so I guess they must be recouping cost through the empty palettes...Online stores have lower operating cost than physical stores (with high rentals in malls) so it makes business sense for them to ensure every customer makes a minimum INR 2100/- value of purchase when buying freedom system lipsticks.[Which in this case would mean minimum 5 refill pans (INR 1250/-)& a palette (INR 850)]
      Hope this helps :D

  5. so tell me how many of these do you have now?! its such a pretty fuschia..looks gorgeous on u

    1. Thanks! I think I had bought around 9-10 in total- I think I've misplaced a few :O i think i won't rest till I snag them all! LOL

  6. Replies
    1. thanks Shalini, do try & tell me how this one turned out!

  7. woww-nice shade indeed !!! noting down the shade-would look for it once I get to the stores!! Great review as always :)



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