Monday, February 20, 2012

Faces Moisture rich lipstick First Lady review and lip swatches

When you hear First Lady- what comes to your mind? Well the first image that pop in my head are that of a stiff, prim & proper sophisticate lady with understated elegance. But guess what even First Ladies can be a whole lot fun-don't believe me then take one look at Faces Moisture rich lipstick in First Lady.

Faces lipsticks have been making waves in Indian market for a while now, somehow I had steered clear of these. No I'm not a brand snob, I'm just weary of lipsticks which look pretty but smell of overpowering fragrance or I never even bothered to try these out.
Don't snigger when I tell you, when I go lipstick shopping before swatching the shade I smell it!! (yes I've received plenty of weird looks from the Makeup SAs) but sorry can't help it, if it doesn't smell good it won't make it to my lips!
So when I actually tried out Faces Moisture rich lipsticks I was pleasantly surprised, it has very faint sweet cocoa kind of smell, followed by one beautiful swatch and I was sold!

The packaging of these lipsticks is really nice, yes the big tube can be a tad bulky but I love the shade swatch at the base

4.2 grams of the lipstick costs INR 349/- though you can buy these for cheaper. At Style Craze these are available for INR 296/-. Click here to browse and buy The quality is fairly good for the price.

The lipstick swatch visible at the base of the tube is such a blessing- it helps in finding the right shade in a jiffy. (By the way the stuff you see frozen in the clear plastic base isn't real lipstick!!)

 The lipstick is really creamy and is prone to melting (so for Heaven's sake don't leave this behind in your Car's glove compartment, best stored in fridge during summer months)

The shade is beautiful bright pink with a slight hint of coral, if you swipe a few more coats on it turns in to a nice wearable hot pink.

Overall thoughts- I really like Faces Moisture rich lipstick, very nice texture, good color payoff and nice cheery bright shades.Would recommend and I'm already eying a few more shades from the range ;D

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  1. This is one of my fav pink shade, go for pink wine too, thats pretty too!

  2. the packaging reminds me of the nyx black label lipsticks!

  3. wow, nice shade. And yes, even I sniff out lipsticks and not only lipsticks but all kinds of make up which I try out. I am not a big fan of Faces brand because the scent of their lip glosses and balms really put me off. To me it smelled like cough syrup lol.

  4. This one is really popular..seems like a beautiful shade..I wish I had ordered for this instead of tat scary French Rose shade which is so so ORANGE

  5. Hey I ♥ Faces Lipsticks!! I've one in pink which I absolutely ♥ :)

  6. I guess Faces is now becoming the NYX of India. Even when I reviewed my Ultra Pink I felt it has an uncanny similarity with the NYX black label in terms of packaging.
    I am just going gaga over the Ultra Pink which I call an 'obscene pink'! :P
    Great quality for the price IMO.
    Which shades are you eyeing too?

  7. pretty pink color! i m loving faces as a brand!



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