Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Marilyn Monroe inspired eye makeup look and Lisa Eldridge tutorial

You know a Beauty Blogger on 'Project  101 Eye Makeup Look' has a death wish ,when she tries to take on Legends like the Marilyn Monroe & Celeb Makeup Guru  Lisa Eldridge and attempt to recreate Marilyn's iconic eye makeup look
I'm not exactly a glutton for punishment but Marilyn's makeup and her stunning pictures always intrigued me and when I saw Lisa's video tutorial, well I just couldn't resist the temptation to recreate this look.

[Disclaimer- I'm not a stunner like Marilyn nor talented like Lisa so please don't compare my handiwork with those of THE LEGENDS! ]

Marilyn always sported languid half shut eyes in most of her photographs.The eye makeup is deceptive 'coz it looks very simple but the trick is with drawing a fake dark shadow (of the false eye lashes) below the lower lash line.(Watch the video to know more about this)

Products Used
  • NYX HD eye shadow base
  • Matte white eyeshadow from 120 eyeshadow palette. (White shadow would be better suited to fairer tones for duskier tones like mine [NC 45 in MAC] I'd recommend a matte beige or a creamy nude shadow to be used as a base)
  • Coastal scents mineral eyeshadow- champagne shade used all over lid on top of white shadow
  • Dark brown shade from Faces eyeshadow trio Beechwood (used in the crease & to draw eyelash shadow below the lower lashline)
  • Maybelline colossal Mascara
  • Maybelline eye studio gel eyeliner
  • KKcenterHK Fake eyelashes A812 (used a half set, by cutting the eyelashes in half & used only on outer corner to create elongated droopy eye effect)

To have some fun with the look I teamed up the eye makeup up with some classic red lipstick.This was the trickiest part of the look 'coz my natural lip shape is nothing like Marilyn's.As Lisa mentions in the video Marilyn's makeup artist Whitey created what can be called "Lip shape of the century!" Now that's a tough act to follow.

If you are wondering about the white shimmery powder on the center of my lower lip,scroll up and observe Marilyn's lips.Her sensuous lips were accentuated by her Makeup Artist Allan "Whitey" Snyder with some shimmery white shadow applied in the center of her bottom lips to make them appear more fuller & voluptuous.It does look odd in real life but I can imagine in black & white photography this would really take the drama & intensity to a whole new level.

And now for Lisa Eldridge's remarkable tutorial on Marilyn's makeup. Its a must watch as its steeped with not only makeup history and Marilyn trivia but also so many amazing makeup tricks hitherto unknown to most of us.

Hope you enjoyed this look, do comment & let me know :)

Stay beautiful & stay classic!

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  1. its beautiful. but wuts the red colour in you eye. r u bleedin???

    1. Ha ha no Nikki, my eyes are perfectly fine.If you watch Lisa's tutorial one of the makeup tricks WHitey used to apply a red dot on Marilyn's inner eye corner.The close up shots are probably making it look odd!

  2. gorgeous!! btw...what camera do you use? I tried to do a makeup look for my blog today but my photos look to crap and dont capture the true colours of the eyeshadow :-(

    1. Thanx! Welcome to the crazy world of makeup photography, especially clicking eye makeup look to get the real eyeshadow shades is very tricky. I'm using canon SX 30 IS. Try clicking pics in daylight preferably next to a window,that stud help :)

  3. oh yes nice observation nikki..wat hpnd to ur eye pooja..all okay? and i love the whole look..those red lips are killer

    1. Arrey baba,I'm toh all fine, I was just trying out one of Lisa's eye makeup tricks yaar ;D

  4. WOW! I love this! Thank you for sharing <3

    Sweetie, Have you entered my Giveaway yet?
    You just need to tell me about your Celebrity Icon


  5. Awesome attempt dear! Totally loved it!

  6. Wow! You've nailed the lash shadow on the lower bit pretty well! :D



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