Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Divo Briscare Hair Brush Cleaner

Ever looked at your hair brushes and said 'Ugh!! you need a good scrub down and a bath'? If you are a lazy cleanliness freak like me, chances are you would have, picked up your hairbrush and willed it to magically clean itself up!
With winters wrecking havoc on my hair in past few months, one of the first victim of my continued hair woes was my hair brush.And I was so pleasantly surprised when one of the items I received from Divo was a Hair Brush Cleaner called 'Bris care'
Now I'd have never thought a generic hair brush cleaner could look nice or have pretty packaging, I was so happy to see the duo-chromatic peachy pink packaging of Briscare.

Briscare is the perfect brush cleaning accessory. It extends the life of your hairbrush and most importantly ensures that by using a dirty hair brush you are not adding lint or fluff back in to your hair.

Nice wooden handle and hard bristles ensure easy grip and quick and effective cleaning.

Swipe the brush gently through the bristles to remove embedded hair and dirt from your hair brush.Just 3-4 swipes and your hairbrush going to be squeaky clean. You can follow it up with a hot water bath for your hair brush, for through cleansing.

Note-Product sent by brand for review purpose.

Overall Thoughts- This is seriously nifty and I'm impressed with its simplicity and the fact it can get my hair brushes squeaky clean in a jiffy.I've not chanced upon any other such product in the market.At INR 115/- a piece this is a total 'paisa vasool' 'coz it would last for ages ( I plan to pass it on to my grand kids ;D).I feel everyone needs this, I'd highly recommend Briscare.

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