Sunday, February 12, 2012

MAC and Inglot Valentine Haul !!

Have you seen the Seagram Imperial Blue Music CD advertisement 'Men will be Men'? The one in which a guy is consoling his friend  'coz his wife's week long official tour got cancelled?
Every time this ad airs on TV my hubby gives me this goofy grin (which needless to say, annoys me & yet melts my heart!)

I know you are wondering why am I talking about this ad- well Valentines Day is round the corner and boo hoo guess what I'm not going to be in town with my Man! I'll be traveling to Mumbai for 5 days for work.(Mumbai- here I come!I'm kind of hoping to check out legendary Beauty Center in Khar,lets see how that works out.)

So before I started packing,started my usual spiel ' I don't have anything to wear' (don't all girls say that?!)
On we went hauling work wear - you know the drill -formal striped trousers, boring button up shirts and blazers-duh!

But no shopping expedition is really complete without makeup,after my Shopper stop work wear shopping, I sauntered in to MAC outlet (store in Shoppers Stop at Vasant Kunj Mall) and hoping against hope asked the SA if Ruby Woo was in stock.The SA Ranaveer  was uber friendly and helpful,he gave me a sheepish smile and nodded 'Yes!'

He confided that usually the reds are always out of stock, if Ruby Woo is available then, Russian Red is out of stock & so on .. O-M-G I'd been waiting forever to get my paws on Ms. Ruby Woo (uh-huh, no that doesn't sound quite right, ours is strictly a platonic relationship ! ;D LOL).

I was just so thrilled so decided to splurge a bit, I wanted to try out some Lustre and creme sheen finishes & the SA picked out 5-6 shades for me to try out and another all time favorite caught my eye MAC Creme in Your coffee & I got that along, so Ms. Ruby Woo won't feel lonely :)
Here's all my goodies - Oh my I can keep looking at them for hours (Sigh Love!)

Now unlike the lucky Mumbaikars who managed to haul truck loads of makeup from Inglot during their 70% off sale, us Dilliwallas had to content with paltry 20% off at Inglot Online stores.

Come on Inglot why this regional disparity? Be an equal opportunity Sale store :) I promise if you ever have 70% off in Delhi- I'll probably buy out the entire store ;D (Hush don't tell hubby,I said so!!)

Inglot Haul from This time I decided to buy only lippies and I picked out two AMC Lip paints and 3 refill pans of freedom system lippies.

Swatches and detailed reviews coming up soon.

Just in case you haven't seen the Seagram Imperial Blue Music CD ad 'Men will be Men' this one is definitely worth checking out!

Hope you guys have an amazing Sunday ahead :)


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  1. ooo..nice haul pooja..finally you got ur Ms. Ruby Woo ;)

    1. Yay! Thanks Bhumika! Guess good things come to those who wait, so glad I got it finally! :D

  2. super haul!!! Waiting to see ur swatches! Try as hard as you may thr were a lot of glitches at the inglot sale. Half my stuff got rejected at the billing counter coz it wasnt in their system to bill :'( so when U get the chance def raid them all u want

    1. Oh my your 70% off Inglot Haul- gave me many sleepless nights- all those amazing Inglot nail enamels would dance in front of my eyes!!! LOL.Kejal even some shades I'd been eying were out of stock during the online sale.Next time you hear about major Inglot sale do give us all a holler!

  3. Hey Pooja

    When did Inglot have the 70% off sale in Mumbai. I MISSED it!

    Very nice haul - am off shopping for a while!

    Have fun in Mumbai!



    1. Roopa Inglot had Flat 70% off all their makeup items for some 3 hours in their flagship Mumbai outlet around 23 Jan'11 (if memory serves me right..not sure about the exact date)...wish they'd host that sale again in all their outlets!!
      Even I was trying to stay off shopping -you can guess by the pics above that didn't work out too well ;D I'm just back from Mumbai and had a great time and guess what shopped for lots ore makeup!! Tch tch- didn't I tell you makeup diets don't work too well for me :D

  4. Replies
    1. He he yes makeup hauls are such a sight for sore eyes! Thanks will be posting swatches soon

  5. ooh i'm loving everything. do let me know how is creme in ur coffee

    1. Me too! Creme in your coffee is gorgeous shade and smells divine, been wearing it every single day for past 1 week! review & pics coming up soon :)

  6. wow I too got 86 lipcolor from freedom system..its a gorgeous berry color :) enjoy mumbai shopping!

    1. Oh wow same pinch!! I love number 86-its really a pretty shade- just posted the swatches- do check it out :)



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