Sunday, February 19, 2012

Divo Salonica Ceramic Paddle Brush

If you want salon quality hair styling and have been struggling with your styling tools its time to upgrade to Divo Haistyling brushes.Divo Salonica Ceramic Paddle Brush is a part of Divo's professional styling tools.The ceramic is made from inorganic substances which are denatured at very high temperatures. These brushes provide better heat retention to dry hair faster and better heat distribution prevents hair damage.

Ideal for detangling and straightening hair, this brush is very versatile. The pneumatic pad powers bristles to gently penetrate the hair, thus reducing the pulling and breakage of hair while styling. As a durable multipurpose tool, this brush also has a massage effect on the scalp. This brush comes with a detachable plastic pick at the bottom which can be used for partitioning your hair into sections while styling and blow drying. It is ideal for medium to long hair lengths.

Handle: Plastic with a rubber grip 
Body: Plastic with a ceramic coating
Pad: Pneumatic with cushioning 
Bristles: Nylon Detachable
Pick: Plastic

I particularly like the sturdy handle, it gives great grip.My previous hair brushes have a slight gap between the paddle and the handle and often my hair strands get stuck and tugged when I brush-Ouch! that's painful, so I'm really thankful that this one is firmly fixed to the paddle.

The brush also comes with a small plastic detachable pick for parting of hair , and is affixed in the base of the brush handle.(Sorry I couldn't find mine while photography,so its not shown here)
The paddle brush has a pneumatic pad and which provides cushioning and has nylon bristles with epoxy tips which doesn't create static and is gentle on the scalp.The white frame you see on the brush pad is made of ceramic and is meant for temperature control.

All brushes with a pneumatic pad have a small hole in the pad to allow air to circulate in and out
You can see in the picture below the cushioning effect the pneumatic pad provides. The pad sinks in when pressed and released air through the tiny hole and allows for effective brushing without tugging your hair at the roots.

Divo Salonica Ceramic Paddle Brush costs INR 525/- you can buy it online for INR 472/- from
You can browse and buy Divo haircare products here

NOTE- Product sent by company for review purpose

Overall Thoughts- I've used paddle brushes in the past ,but Divo Salonica take hair brushing to a whole new level. It's a a bit pricey than what I'd normally shell out for a hairbrush, but a good quality hairbrush can last you a decade, so if you are looking for a good quality hairbrush then this is definitely worth it.

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