Tuesday, March 22, 2011


REVLON COLORSTAY ONE STROKE DEFINING EYELINER BLOOMING BLUE is a stylish eyeliner pencil with deep blue casing with golden trimmings.

The colorstay one stroke defining eyeliner is extremely pigmented and doesn't feel waxy.Its totally smudge resistant and does not smear or fade for 12-14 hours. Its got a silky smooth application and does not tug the sensitive skin around your eyes while application, you can do winged eyeliner looks quite easily with this.This is the product to reach out for if you want to add drama & definition and want to try a different shade of blue.

I've seen black, glazed green & blooming blue shades in this series, there might be more but am yet to see those in Indian outlets. If you have dark brown eyes, this deep blue will compliment your eyes well.This is a waterproof eyeliner so at the end of the day you'd need oil based eye makeup remover to get this off. I have used it on my waterline & have had no problem but in case you are sensitive to this then might need to restrict this on your upper lashline only.

The eyeliner is pricey at 500/- but considering it'll last almost a year I think its worth it.

TIP- Sometimes for office wear I apply Blooming Blue eyeliner on my upper lashline & waterline and then coat with a black pencil eyeliner. It gives a very intense deep bluish-black shade that stays on for hours.Try it let me know if this tip worked for you.

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  1. Woww lovely color!! Me too have this in a grey and black shade:D

  2. this looks lovely but the one i have in black gave me severe irritation on application over the water line..:(

  3. such a pretty blue!! Will check it out soon. :)

  4. Rakshanda- does the black colorstay one irritate /makes your eyes water when applied on the waterline?

    Dr. Shivani- I've heard lot of ppl hv problem with these when applied on waterline, i didnt get any with this blue one, wonder if the problem's with only the black liner?..

  5. hmmm eyes are super sensitive i guess...this black is so intense...but cant use it on my waterline:(((((((

  6. i find it really difficult to sharpen the pencil because it is too soft.Is there another sharpener or can u just use the regular ones?
    Also doesnt really work well on my water line

  7. Hi Teen- If you find any eyeliner / lip liner too soft to sharpen put it in the freezer for 15-20 mins as the wax hardens it'll become easy to sharpen the pencil without breaking.Regular sharpeners end up wasting most of your liner, buy a makeup liner sharpners-one widely available one is from Lakme` has slots to sharpen both slim & jumbo pencils.Costs around Rs 30/- & is availbale at most Lakme` counters.
    Yup most of the people have shared the same feedback that Colorstay liners cause irritation / eye watering. Avoid using it on water line if doesn'tt suits you. Hope this helps :) Do follow for regular updates.



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