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Lacura Award Winning Skincare-Lacura Q10 Anti Wrinkle night cream

Lacura is a award winning skin care brand owned by Aldi. Aldi is an unlikely place you'd think of buying anti wrinkle cream, plus at $ 4 (approx INR 190+ shipping) this product seemed too good to be true.However surprise surprise...

Lacura Q10 Anti-wrinkle Night Cream came out on top in European quality tests alongside major brands such as L’Oreal, Olay and Helena Rubenstein. Also in an independent blind tests of 2,000 volunteers, Lacura Q10 Anti-wrinkle Day Cream was voted best for its powerful anti-aging effects. 

When this product was launched in UK, 35000 jars of these were sold in a single day!!!

 I had read some rave reviews & thought of testing this out myself. I'd ordered Lacura Q10 anti wrinkle night cream off & 2 jars of it were promptly delivered in 7 days flat! The product packaging is typical German - efficient & no-nonsense. It has a solid glass jar with blue plastic cap. Definitely sturdy.

I've used this product for past about a week & I'm loving it. I've been using it as a day cream as well 'coz its light & doesn't feel heavy or greasy. This cream has a rich, creamy blend of coenzyme Q10, retinol, vitamins E and F and pro vitamin B5.

It's easily absorbed leaving skin soft & supple. This claims to  helping slow skin aging, correct lines and wrinkles and protect against aging environmental factors. I'm under 30 & don't have any visible wrinkles yet, but I'm loving this cream.

It has a nice soothing fragrance, a blend of elder blossoms, blended with wonderful extracts like babassu and chamomile.nothing over powering This works as a great base for your makeup also. These are not tested on animals & is dermatologically tested.

These are a definite buy, the quality is par excellence and the pricing just makes it a steal. Go for it girls.

 I'm posting the link of seller I purchased these from.


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  1. hey i came to your blog after reading your comment on anti ageing on mehak's blog. honestly it's nice to see another 29 year old blogger in the middle of these teenagers :)

    coming to the subject, i am the same age (turned 29 yday :)) and as of now just use aloe vera gel while going off to sleep. wanted to start with olay but purely cos they advertise a lot. this is useful. wanted to be sure of the chemicals. u've used it for a month by now, and tell me how you feel.

    please recomment on my blog..

  2. @Hungover on fashion-I'd highly recommend Lacura Q10, its light in texture and absorbs well in to the skin and actually soothes skin down.You should definitely try it out, in my opinion its a much better product than Olay

  3. Just bought some yesterday at a local Aldi. Never thought I'd find a product like that there. Excited to try it along with the day cream. Wish I would have known about this 5 years ago. Good thing you are starting with the antiaging stuff now.... once those wrinkles and lines start to show they are merciless.

  4. Hey, I am 31 and soon to get married in 5-6 months. was looking for some anti-agening products which could help get rid of the age-lines and rejevunate my skin and also brighten the skin.. would you recommend using this product. also i have oily skin. will this be useful for me.. if not what product should i try using.. Thanks

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