Saturday, March 19, 2011


Ta Daaa...After a whole lot of laziness I am finally posting a series on one of my most favorite products from Inglot Lip Paint series called INGLOT LIP DUO LIP GLOSS LIP PAINT 17

I've been using Inlgot lip paints for over 2 years now & am totally hooked to these beauties...for the un-initiated Inglot is a 20 years old brand from Poland and has one of the most innovative & expansive range of products & shades...they have very few outlets in India in Delhi,Mumbai & of these days I'll click pics of an Inglot outlet & you can see the reason for this Inglot addiction. 

Coming back to this particular product, Inglot has these ultra creamy lip paints which smell divine,absolutely non sticky, have amazing pigmentation,creamy glossy finish,dont streak or dry up your lips & even leaves a light glossy sheen to the lips even when its gone basically everything we want in 'Mr. Right Lipstick'. (What more there are 2 different products & shades for the price of 1)

I got quite a few of these in different shades which I'll post later. These come in a nice cube with a lip paint (4 grams) on one side & a complimenting shade of gloss with high shimmer (also 4 grams) on another side, there is no partition in between so heaven help you if you leave these out in the heat during while the case itself is very sturdy the hinges of the cube is not, I have efficiently managed to break all my beautiful cubes of these lip duos (& have shed copious tears over it, leading to my hubby buying few more of these to just put an end to my "rona-dhona").

These were I think originally priced at INR 800-850/- but Inglot had reduced the prices & now these cost Rs 720/- (Love Inlgot for the price reduction what a refreshing change from the constant inflation of makeup product prices)

Shade no. 17 has a rich dark pink shade & the gloss has purplish pink & gold shimmer, you can check out the swatches & available shades below (there are 22 combination available) some of these duos have shimmery gloss on one side & lip paints on the other. Check out the shade card at the end.

All in all amazing product to have, one of these will last you for a long time and its a repeat purchase product for sure. Me in love with these :)

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  1. Woww this is soo pretty!! Really wanna try it out <3

  2. Yes Rakshanda I know how ur heart is doing little cartwheels at the sight of these..The colors are beautiful...must must must try if you can lay ur hands on these.

  3. Pretty color... loved the idea .. I am hearing so much good abt inglot lip products and so much inspired to buy one for me :)



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