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Available at Ingot outlets in Delhi & Mumbai 

Price-INR 1300 Revised rate INR 1200

What -3 super pigmented eye shadows shades, with intense yet wearable color.The product is manufactured in Poland. Free of parabens and not tested on animals, quantity in each pot is 1.8 grams. Individual eye shadows cost around INR 315 or so plus the cost of casing

Packaging- Very sleek & sturdy black packaging with Inglot emblazoned in white on the top of the palette, has a nice mirror which is actually very user friendly. It has magnetic slots for storing the eyeshadow pans.
The packaging gives the product a very high end feel,the case has a slot for mini eyeshadow brush but no brush is provided (my thought's its better not to get a brush than get a tacky useless one). My only gripe is that the palette alone cost 300 bucks which is quite steep. I seek solace in the fact that these can be re-filled.

Shades available- 158 shades are available in the round eye shadows, you can pick & choose your combination and customize your palette,with such vast variety you are bound to have a tough time choosing your favorite colors. 

Inglot's freedom system has a range of finishes for eyeshadows-Pearl finish, double sparkle , AMC(advanced makeup components), frost finish etc

The Inglot SA's are amazingly helpful ,one of the best I've encountered... I spent over 30 mins making up my mind coz i was going bonkers after seeing so many shades, but the SA's were kind enough to apply at least 10 shades before i could zero down on these 3 shades. The ones I picked up are - antique gold shade, dull grey with purple undertones & silver glitter & black with gold glitter.

Pros- Super pigmented & soft.Amazing shade selection, most shades are very unique & for the adventurous souls the brighter shades are simply to die for!

Cons-slightly pricier than drugstore brands

To buy or Not to buy- Definite buy

Shades From Left to right- Antique gold Pearl 405 ,Center shade Black with Gold reflects AMC 64, Right DS 465

Swatches-Left to right- Antique gold Pearl 405 ,Center shade Black with Gold reflects AMC 64,Right DS 465

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  1. I really liked all the three colors... can you put their names/no too?

  2. Sorry Shalini I threw away the mini packaging these came in so dont remember the shade numbers... but guess what with over 158 eyeshaow shades on offer at Inglot you'll feel like Alice in Colorland u r bound to find ur own perfect shades

  3. I had a bad experience with inglot SAs..they were quite rude, and uninterested the two times I've been to their store..

  4. Agnibanya- Sorry to hear that you had poor customer service from the SAs. In fact I found their SAs to be relatively more helpful as compared to some other brands..which store did you visit by the way? If you want you can check out and buy Inglot makeup online as well



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