Friday, March 25, 2011


23 March 2011 saw the passing of a great beauty & a legend of our times-Elizabeth Taylor.Elizabeth was last of the lot who epitomized old Hollywood glamour.Her portrayal of Cleopatra, remains one of the most enduring image in Hollywood movie lore. 

Elizabeth lived an extraordinary life- of one of Hollywood's greatest actress, an iconic jewelery collector,champion of humanitarian work for over 30 years to raise funds for fighting AIDS.

One of the most striking aspect of Elizabeth's beauty were her Eyes- Violet in color & with double eylashes (due to mutation that Taylor was born with.) Her raven hair , tiny waist and exotic looks added to her allure.

Elizabeth's life in numbers

5 times Oscar nominee

2 Oscars for Butterfield 8 and Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

1 Special Academy award for her humanitarian work 
7 Husbands & 8 weddings-Conrad Hilton,Michael Wilding, Michael Todd, Eddie Fisher ,Richard Burton (divorced & remarried & divorced again) ,John Warner ,Larry Fortensky

4 Perfume lines-Passion, White Diamonds, Black pearl & Violet eyes

2 religions-Born & raised Christian & converted to Judaism

4 own children & 1 adopted daughter, 10 grandchildren & 4 great grandchildren

1-close friend of Michael Jackson

5-times she broke her back, 2 times she survived bouts of pneumonia & died due to congestive heart failure

Elizabeth's love of jewelery -Her jewelry collection contains some of the most fabled jewels of history. 
Her iconic quote 'Big girls need big diamonds' might have hedonist undertones but who could dispute that diamonds are a girl's best friend. 

 Some of the greatest jewels in her collection included Krupp Diamond Ring (33 carat diamond) a present from husband Richard Burton.

La Peregrina pearl (a pearl with 500 years of Royal history gifted by husband Richard Burton as Valentine present, this priceless pearl was swallowed by Taylor's pekingese puppy & was luckily found in the pup's mouth)

Taj Mahal heart shaped yellow diamond necklace (gift from Richard Burton) with farsi inscription on the reverse of the diamond. Self purchased the Duchess of Windsor diamond brooch, a 29 carat diamond ring (gift from Mike Todd),an antique diamond tiara (again a gift from Mike Todd).And the greatest of them all-The Taylor-Burton diamond weighing a whopping 69 carats!! Taylor later sold this diamond to fund a hospital construction in Botswana.

Such was her beauty & her passion  and the story of a life well lived. 

Rest in peace-Elizabeth Taylor. Amen

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  1. i love her too. she is known for her beauty, jewellery and her weddings :). may her soul rest in peace

  2. Yes I love her jewellery collection so much...and her joie de vivre.. so inspiring to see a woman who could juggle so many things in a lifetime. amazing!



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