Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Sleek Pout Polish Pink Cadillac Review and Lip swatch

Hmmm.. every time I think of Pink Cadillac the cheesy thought of Abhishek Bacchhan in Dostana movie,wearing pink & white floral shirt, driving around his powder pink Cadillac flashes in my head...Ahem ahem not the most drool worthy thought ;)

Well thank fully Sleek pout polish Pink Cadillac came to my rescue and gave me something totally worth drooling over!

How damn pretty is it, c'mon Sleek this is soo tempting that its almost illegal for a makeup to look so delish!
This pinky cool toned lip conditioner is smooth and slick gives a nice glossy finish.It has a coconutty flavor with a hint of slightly bitter aftertaste, but nothing too over powering.

 Hand swatch on NC 45 skin

The shade on my pigmented lips looks very sheer and slick almost like a tinted lip balm, its the perfect daytime shade for my lips when I just want a hint of color.

Sleek Pout polish Pink Cadillac is a winner of a lip balm/lip tint and I'd recommend you check it out,available at Superdrug in UK or through

Now I know you are wondering about Abhishek Bacchhan's Pink cadillac check out this fun video from Dostana, John is serious eye candy in this video ;)

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  1. This is sooo droolworthy!!definitely picking this up in my next sleek haul!!

  2. this def goes in my wish list but i still have not received my sleek parcel..dnt think ill b ordering from their site again :(
    oh i know the shirt u talking makes him look so so gay :)

    1. Lol I think that was the whole idea behind the floral shirt! Btw I hope you atleast got your refund from Sleek makeup for missing parcel

  3. i checken in super drug ..these r very pretty..will get them next month



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