Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Maybelline 24 Hour Color Tattoo swatches

 Indian blogsophere has been buzzing ever since the Maybelline 24 Hour Color Tattoo eyeshadows and Baby Lips lip balms have been launched.

With seductive promises of MAC Paintpot like quality at quarter of the price and a good shade selection these color tattoos are tempting every beautista out there! Well I swatched these out 3 times in past 10 day (yes I know it makes me sound unemployed, but trust me I'm not ).I was eagerly awaiting launch of the color tattoos but I wanted to be absolutely sure before picking these up.

Okay lets cut to the chase- Are these MAC Paint pot dupes?- Yes & No, they have the same cream based texture, which can be used alone as an eyeshadow or used as a base to layer the powder shadows on top.
They quickly dry and set to a smudge proof,water proof & transfer resist finish.They lasted for 16 hours on my hand swatch, The wear time is longer than MAC paint pot. Even after 16 hours I had to use cleansing wipe with makeup remover to get it completely off my skin.
Some shades are sheerer than the rest, the glittery shades do kind of make it difficult to blend powder shadows on top of these.The MAC paintpots are more creamier and smoother and blend more easily.

Are these worth buying? Oh Yeah! considering quality cream eyeshadows are as rare as finding Fairies & Unicorns, these ones are totally worth buying at  Rs 350/- bucks you are getting a very good cream shadow and it works well as a base too.

Too Cool & Tough as Taupe both these shades have been excluded from the India launch.Another gorgeous cranberry shade called Pomegranate punk was MIA as it was out of stock,so haven't been able to swatch it for you girls here.

Swatches From Left to Right-Bad to the bronze,Tenacious Teal,Painted Purple,Edgy Emerald,Bold Gold,Audacious asphalt,Tangy & Fierce

Swatches From Left to Right-Bad to the bronze,Tenacious Teal

Painted Purple,Edgy Emerald,Bold Gold,Audacious asphalt,Tangy & Fierce

I picked up Bold Gold and am wearing it currently to test on the lasting power on my eyelids, will report back with the test results soon, till then stay pretty :)

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  1. m eyeing the bronze, teal and purple!

  2. they're worth the money for sure :)
    i reviewed the asphalt today... do check it out :)

    1. Yes audacious asphalt is such a pretty shade very fierce and edgy,will check out your review :)

  3. Replies
    1. Awesome Kej!! Which shades did u pick up?

    2. i got bold gold, bonze and pomegranate punk :D

  4. I bought Bad to the Bronze the other day - really loving it! Such a pretty and versatile color. :)

  5. Bronze and Pomegranate I lovee..

  6. I got Bad to bronze and tenacious teal. Loved the colors a lot. Might pick up all of them. Only one bad thing is that the SA did not give me a brush with it. I'm going to go and fight for my rights lol.

  7. these swatches are hypnotizing me...must-buy-tangy-and-fierce-shade




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