Tuesday, October 9, 2012

MAC Heirloom Kohl pencil-Review,dupe and eye makeup look

MAC Heirloom Kohl pencil was released with  the M.A.C. Reel Sexy Limited edition collection and is described by MAC as a highly metallized greyed lavender.
Unlike the usual silver pencil which tend to have grey undertones this one has a hint of lavender and it works very well as an eye brightener.

When I received this pencil for review,initially I wondered if it will work on my eyes and skin tone.I payed with it  for a while,and when I tried using it for some eye makeup looks, I found this pretty useful.
It works beautifully to accentuate the eyes when used on inner corner, you can use this as an all over lid color and also apply a light swipe of it close to lashline and blend it to create a light wash of color on the lids.I feel it doesn't work quite as well as a liner on my lower lashline, the creamier kohl texture+my watery eyes= fast disappearing kohl!

Now as promised here is an exact dupe of MAC Heirloom Kohl, and its Colorbar I define Pencil Silver Slate.Both the kohl pencils are exactly same in shade, and have the same metallic silver with a hint of lavender.

The main difference between these two pencils is in terms of texture, while MAC pencil is more creamy, and blends easily the Colorbar Silver slate kohl is harder and a bit more waxy, the MAC one doesn't tug at all and is perfectly safe on the waterline.The Silverslate kohl tugs the eyes a bit when lining the lashline.Silverslate sets to an absolute transfer resist finish and doesnt come off without a makeup remover. The MAC Heirloom kohl being creamier tends to fade out after 6-7 hours on my eyes.

The 2 swatches on right side are MAC Heirloom and bottom 2 swatches are of Colobar Silver slate.

And here's the Kim Kardashian inspired Grey smokey eye makeup look I tried out last week using MAC Heirloom kohl. I'd been planning to do this look for a long while but couldnt really get any other shadow to work in creating the low sheen metallic silvery-grey smokey look and MAC Heirloom kohl worked beautifully for this look.

If you are looking for a nice creamy ,smudge resistant kohl pencil to use a highlighter on your inner eye corner I think Heirloom kohl is very nice.It effortlessly doubles up as an all over eye lid color and creates beautiful smokey looks.

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  1. I have got a lot of silver and whites in my collection which I never use that much. Thanks for the beautiful makeup look. I shall now put them to sure for sure.

    How come you nail every look you (re)create?

    1. Thanks Nivi :) I actually have only 2 liners in silver and white and though I might not use them everyday they work great for highlighting inner eye corner or lower lash line so keeping a few good ones handy is an absolute must.

  2. oohhh such an exact dupe..and thnx for sharing a gorgeous eye makeup again ! Girl you totally wow me ! <3

    1. Thanks Dr Su :D your comment just made my day :)

  3. Wow, that is an excellent dupe!! Thanks for sharing that.. I think I have the colorbar pencil and have used it in the past on my lower lash line for this grey - silver smoky eye..

    1. Hey Tanz! I'll check out ur Eye makeup look
      ASAP :) even I had silver slate sitting in my stash begging for some loving, guess I'll
      Dig it out and use it more often :)

  4. Wow, how did u manage to find the EXACT dupe! I had never tried light eye pencils (light green/blue/lavender etc) coz I thought they would never look good on my skin tone. But after seeing all your different EOTDs, I'm truly inspired to try :)

  5. Wow, such a pretty color, this will go in my collection.



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