Saturday, October 13, 2012

INGLOT AMC pure pigment eyeshadow number 22 review,swatch and eye makeup look

INGLOT AMC Pure pigment eyeshadow looks like fairy dust in a jar,the first time I saw this baby I was smitten I had never seen a shadow quite as pretty...
Texture wise Inglot AMC pure pigment # 22 is very similar to MAC's Crush metal pigment.This particular pigment looks like flecks of purple gold duochrome.This kind of pigments need to be crushed with your eyeshadow brush and then blended to create a sheer to medium coverage when used dry.You can use these wet (just dampen your brush with drop of water).When used wet the intensity of the pigment really comes to life.It gives off a highly reflective metallic sparkle which comes of predominantly gold with just a hint of purple.When used with a base the pigment really pops!

2 grams of pigment comes in standard INGLOT screw top jar. The packaging is very sturdy and very functional.Just like every other Inglot products there are no names just impersonal numbers which do make it tough to remember your favorites.Priced at Rs 700/- these are more expensive than MAC pigments in terms of per gram cost, but as MAC pigment jars contian lot more product the overall cost of each MAC pigment jar works out higher than that of INGLOT pigment. 2 grams might not sound like a lot of product but trust me , you just need the tiniest bit of pigment and a little goes a long way.
Like all Inglot products this one too is paraben free and not tested on animals.

Hand swatch on NC 45 skin, pigment swatched dry without primer

Here's a eye makeup look I created using Inglot AMC pure pigment number 22.
If you are looking for some gorgeous unique shades then Inglot AMC Pure pigment are a definite must haves.With the upcoming festive and bridal season if you are looking for the perfect shade of purple-gold duo chrome shadow to match your ethnic outfits then you cant afford to miss the AMC Pure pigment Number 22
You can pick it from

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  1. This is such a gorgeous shade....loved the pigmentation <3

  2. Such a beautiful shade <3 Love the eye makeup too!!!

  3. Love your eye makeup. What have you used to line your lower lids? It's looking gorgeous.

  4. Wow! nice are really good!

  5. I can't resist anything purple...Its a beaut!

    Cherry Lane xoxo

  6. I am in love with inglot pigments! its beautiful!

  7. Yes yes I remember ur look for the contest..fab !!

  8. Nice blog! Following you can follow me if you like :)

  9. wow! its awesome! but I m just plain petrified of using pigments

  10. Great post and this cosmetic products are really good, Inglot cosmetics is available online only on this site



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